Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Missouri State Convention

St. John’s United Church of Christ, Pinckney, Missouri

March 13-14, 2004

Saturday, March 13

The nineteenth annual Missouri State Sacred Harp Singing Convention was called to order at 9:30 a.m. at St. John’s United Church of Christ by Co-Chairmen Mark Bruns and Jim Hearne leading 99 and 178. Jim Hearne offered the opening prayer.

Convention officers were: Co-Chairmen—Mark Bruns and Jim Hearne; Secretary—Dave Ressler; Arranging Committee—Rebecca Browne; Finance Committee—Karen Isbell and Pattie Doss; Memorial Committee—Julie Vea and Penny Kujawinski.

Leaders: Dave Ressler 171; Bill Ellason 59; Gary Gronau 32t; Linda Biggs 479; Pattie Doss 411; Shirley Figura 49b; Karen Isbell 270; Emily Gruber 86; Jo Dell Albi 35; Berkley Moore 157; Julie Vea 269; Dan Brittain 302; Susan Green 474; Jeanette Lowry 192; Lou Kujawinski 182; Ted Johnson 316; Annie Grieshop 146; Paul Figura 66.


Mark Bruns called the class to order leading 155. Leaders: Rebecca Browne 36b; Charlie Derleth 137; Alice Moran 480; Wayne Smith 566; James Page 2 (MH); Kathleen Thro 421; Jim Solheim “Nomeland”; Melanie Hauff 38 (MH); Dean Slaton 436; Tim Von Engeln 268; Terry Hogg 106; Kathy Kaiser 335.


Bill Ellason led 63 to call the class together. Leaders: Penny Kujawinski 384; Carla Pepmiller 40; John Seaton 47t; Joe Douglas 503; Lisa Grayson 522; Richard Green 485; Marcia Johnson 163t; Ted Mercer 13 (MH); Judy Hauff 48 (MH); Dorothy Amare 475. Jim Hearne offered the blessing on the noon meal.


Pattie Doss called the afternoon session to order leading 200. Leaders: Gary Gronau 112; Syd Caldwell 34 (MH) (for Don Bowen and Cheryl Forman); Wendy Hoffman 42; Johanna Fabke 472; Jan Ketelle 54 (MH); Aubrey Hemminger 84; Anita Buswell 496; Bill Caldwell 497; Ann Fox 68b; Janet Fraembs 290; John Ramsey 47b; Ryan Henry 282; Melanie Hauff 216; Julie Vea 430; Lisa Grayson 448t; Dave Ressler 46 (MH).


The class was brought to order by Paul Figura leading 82t. Leaders: Marcia Johnson 434; Ted Mercer 217; Richard Green and Susan Green 350; Judy Hauff 52 (MH); Rebecca Browne 362; John Seaton 48t; Terry Hogg 212; Karen Isbell 11 (MH); Ted Johnson 419; Dorothy Amare 325; Joe Douglas 29t; Linda Biggs 340; Syd Caldwell 352 (for Wayman Miner); Dean Slaton 361; Dan Brittain 304; Charlie Derleth 348b; Gary Gronau 542; Kenny Hickox 412.

Mark Bruns led 300 as the closing song. Jim Hearne offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, March 14

The Sunday session of the convention was brought to order by Jim Hearne at 9:30 a.m. leading 49t. Mark Bruns offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Mark Bruns 148; Linda Biggs 496; Presley Barker 481; Karen Isbell 142; Bill Ellason 110; Emily Gruber 117; Gary Gronau 23 (MH); Shirley Figura 338; Charlie Derleth 66; Pattie Doss 216; Dave Ressler 67; Paul Figura 99; Jeanette Lowry 475; Penny Kujawinski 224; Berkley Moore 31 (MH); Ann Leckie 11 (MH); Alice Moran 441; Dennis Corcoran 46 (MH).


The class resumed singing with Jim Hearne leading 344. Leaders: Julie Vea 280; Don Baker 129; Wendy Hoffman 82b; Bill Caldwell 189; Annie Grieshop 72b; John Ramsey 451; Jim Solheim 454; Johanna Fabke 378b; Syd Caldwell 318; James Page 20 (MH); Lou Kujawinski 510.


Bill Caldwell called the class back to order with 163b. Leaders: Ann Fox 45t; Ann Leckie and Luc Trusgnach (Belgium) 419; Janet Fraembs 74b.

Penny Kujawinski Julie Vea conducted the memorial lesson. Penny Kujawinski read the list of the sick and shut-ins. Those remembered were: Shelbie Sheppard, Evelyn Harris, and Dick Mauldin—Alabama; Beau Caldwell—Arkansas; Jerry Schreiber—California; Danna Ellis—Florida; I.V. McWhorter, Hugh McGraw, Donnie McGraw, Myrtle Smith, Nancy Allen, and Nick Pender—Georgia; Bill Farr, Suzanne Checchia, Dana Karduck, Ruth White, and Peggy Brayfield—Illinois; Loraine Bayer—Ohio; Mary Ann Wilkinson—Oklahoma; Bill Reynolds—Tennessee; Kelley Beard—Texas; Bob Skorgie, Bob Anderson, and Frances Hough—Wisconsin.

Julie Vea spoke for those recently deceased, read the names of those remembered, and led 368 in their memory. Those remembered were: Ruth Brown, Mozelle Sheppard, Lamar Smith, Harvey Austin, Alpha Black, and Carolyn Denson—Alabama; Mozelle Sheppard and Everett Denny—Georgia; Betty Haas, Mildred Krueger (whose funeral was Saturday), Chester Embeck (father of Marian Peterson), Virginia Bloom, and Ray Bloom—Missouri; Cecilia Hauff—South Dakota; Bruce Ketelle—Tennessee; Marvin Hill—Wisconsin; and the bombing victims in Spain. Julie Vea closed the memorial with prayer.

Leaders: Jan Ketelle 168; Anita Buswell 100; Kathy Kaiser 501; Dan Brittain 428; Aubrey Hemminger 178; Presley Barker 16 (MH). Mark Bruns offered a prayer for the noon meal.


Jo Dell Albi called the afternoon session to order leading 203. Leaders: Pattie Doss 277; Janet Fraembs 532; Dave Ressler 214; Wendy Hoffmann 71; Jan Ketelle 556; Jeanette Lowry 528; Dan Brittain 327; Penny Kujawinski 300; David Lloyd 503; Karen Isbell 436; Julie Vea 385t; Gary Gronau 384; Kathy Kaiser 106; Rebecca Browne 299; Alice Moran 40; Presley Barker 77t; James Page 188; Syd Caldwell 551; Johanna Fabke 209.


The class was brought to order. Leaders: Lou Kujawinski 473; Annie Grieshop 59; Berkley Moore 342; Don Baker 56b; Anita Buswell 448b; John Ramsey 385b; Jim Solheim “Nomeland”; Aubrey Hemminger 155; Bill Caldwell 353; Ann Fox 68b; Kenny Hickox and Dan Brittain 313b; Emily Gruber 191; Charlie Derleth 348b.

Announcements were made. Mark Bruns led 347 as the closing song then offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Co-Chairmen—Mark Bruns and Jim Hearne; Secretary—Dave Ressler.