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Texas State Sacred Harp Convention

Conference Center, College Station, Texas

February 21-22, 2004

Saturday, February 21

The twelfth annual Texas State Sacred Harp Convention met at the College Station Conference Center on the fourth Sunday and Saturday before in February. Chairman Ryan Ross called the class together at 10:00 a.m. by leading 34b, and then extended a welcome to everyone. Reed Coates offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Secretary Liz Owen 129; Beverly Coates 150; Tom Owen 532; Vice Chairman Cheryl Foreman 391; Al Rogers 569b; Peter Nichols 159; Billy Huckaby 217; Owen Ross 216; Barbara Newell 277; Leon Ballinger 195; Bruce Coates 86; Fr. Ronald Baker 148; Doris Hanks 112; Crystal Visco 178; Amanda Owen 503; Pat Blundell 79; Olivia Powell 168; Katie Moseley 163b; Diane Ross 455; Robert Vaughn 164.


Chairman Ryan Ross called the class to order with 30t. Leaders: Cassandra Baker 566; Donald Ross 558; Gary Rogan 209; Gaylon Powell 523; Sarah Huckaby 56b; Cissy Moseley 143; Amanda Blevins 47t; Bernard Collard 171; Terre Schill 396; Jeb Owen 318; Kotoro Aso 49t; Vivian Rogan 535; Curtis Owen 480; Scott Curran 76b; Reed Coates 448b; Fr. Ronald Baker 35; Barbara Newell 72b. Owen Ross offered the noon prayer.


Chairman Ryan Ross led 36b to call the class together for the afternoon session. Leaders: Owen Ross 234; Cassandra Baker 63; Bernard Collard 362; Kotoro Aso 47b; Pat Blundell 282; Crystal Visco 146; Beverly Coates 481; Cheryl Foreman 71; Tom Owen 454; Al Rogers 198; Peter Nichols 457; Billy Huckaby 421; Leon Ballinger 460; Bruce Coates 147t; Doris Hanks 34t; Amanda Owen 39t; Olivia Powell 354b; Katie Moseley 448t; Diane Ross 354t; Robert Vaughn 142.


Chairman Ryan Ross led 36t to call the class to order. Leaders: Donald Ross 350; Gary Rogan 319; Gaylon Powell 131t; Sarah Huckaby 196; Cissy Moseley 299; Amanda Blevins 290; Terre Schill 212; Jeb Owen 208; Vivian Rogan 268; Curtis Owen 445; Scott Curran 203; Reed Coates 330t; Liz Owen 376.

Chairman Ryan Ross 323t as the closing song. Robert Vaughn offered the dismissal prayer.

Sunday, February 22

Chairman Ryan Ross called the class together at 9:30 a.m. with 59. Gary Rogan offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Vice Chairman Cheryl Foreman 31b; Secretary Liz Owen 110; Barbara Moore 312b; Chris Adams 128; Charles Whitmer 492 (WB); Cissy Moseley 270; Elric Elias 99; Jeb Owen 328; Leon Ballinger 434; Curtis Owen 441; Alexa Gilmore 30b; Bruce Coates 32t; Doris Hanks 384; Amanda Owen 475; Vivian Rogan 73b; Terre Schill 298; Sarah Huckaby 183; Katie Moseley 178; Diane Ross 504; Amanda Blevins 40; Robert Vaughn 70b.


Chairman Ryan Ross brought the class together with 111t. Leaders: Dr. David Music 53; Gary Rogan 324; Crystal Visco 300; Tom Owen 498; Scott Curran 192; Reed Coates 182; Bernard Collard 70t; Al Rogers 452; Olivia Powell 254; Peter Nichols 276; Donald Ross 368; Gaylon Powell 377; Beverly Coates 137; Billy Huckaby 277; Kevin Powell 442; James Moseley 163b; Barbara Moore 282; Chris Adams 419; Charles Whitmer 524; Cissy Moseley 532.

The memorial lesson was held with Sarah Huckaby reading the names of the deceased, and then led 499 in their memory. Those remembered were: Mary Craig, Ruth Collins, James Lavaughn Ballinger, and O.H. Griffen. Gaylon Powell then remarked on the last verse of 499.

“Farewell, dear friends, farewell for just a little while; we’ll meet and sing on Heaven’s shore, where parting comes no more.” He also commented on the last verse of number 47b. “Waked by the trumpet sound, I from my grave shall rise; and see the Judge with glory crowned, and see the flaming skies!” The class then sang 47b.

Scott Curran led 58 in honor of the sick and shut-ins which included: Verna Powell, Frances Daniels, Myrl Jones, Myra Palmer, Joe Owen, Leland Owen, Dutch Owen, Ophelia Mathews, Lennie Baker, Lovenia Owen, Jimmie Barker, Bill Reynolds, Kelly Beard, and Ernestine Pipkin. Curtis Owen offered prayer to close the memorial.


Vice Chairman Cheryl Foreman brought the class together for the afternoon session with 63. Leaders: Elric Elias 168; Dr. Don Barker 145b; Bernard Collard 474; Jeb Owen 68b; Mary Key and Cheryl Foreman 225t; Jack Whitehead 268; Leon Ballinger 269; Curtis Owen 490; Alexa Gilmore 67; Bruce Coates 73 (t? b?); Doris Hanks 448b; Amanda Owen 84; Vivian Rogan 235; Terre Schill 294; Sarah Huckaby 424; Katie Moseley 542.

A business session was held.

Upon recommendation by the Nominating Committee the following officers were elected by acclamation for the 2005 session of the Texas State Sacred Harp Convention: Chairman—Cheryl Foreman; Vice Chairman—Billy Huckaby; Secretary—Liz Owen.

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted.

The Secretary had recorded singers from: Texas, Virginia, United Kingdom, Japan, and Jordan. The business session was closed.


Chairman Ryan Ross called the last session to order leading 348t. Leaders: Kevin Powell 107; Diane Ross 149; Amanda Blevins 106; James Moseley and Heather Cannon 34b; Robert Vaughn 347; Dr. David Music 378 (t? b?); Gary Rogan 313t; Crystal Visco 127; Tom Owen 528; Scott Curran 176b; Reed Coates 33b; Donald Ross 551; Dr. Don Barker 82t; Bernard Collard 497.

Vice Chairman Cheryl Foreman led 62 as the closing song. Bruce Coates offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Ryan Ross; Vice Chairman—Cheryl Foreman; Secretary—Liz Owen.