Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Eugene Singing

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Eugene, Oregon

Saturday, August 2, 2003

The sixth annual Eugene Singing was held at the rural church of the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Eugene, Oregon on Saturday before the first Sunday in August. Jean Murphy called the class to order at 9:30 a.m. leading 171, and extended a warm welcome to those in attendance. Susan Helf gave the invocation.

A business session was held and the class voted, by acclamation, to accept the following slate of officers: Chairperson—Karen Stingle; Secretary/Treasurer—Carolyn Gilkey; Resolutions Committee—Kathy Vlach; Arranging Committee—Jean Murphy, Gerry Currens, Jim Brock, Carolyn Gilkey, Mean Marcotte, Martha Johnson, Suzanne Denker, and Jane Grant; Chaplain—Susan Helf; Registration—Jean Marcotte, Marcia Cutler, David Landazuri, Ginny Currens, and Rachel Foster; Facilities—Jean Marcotte and Will Marcotte; Kitchen—Jane Grant, Jean Murphy, Rachel Foster, Leigh Van Sickle, Fran Ross, John Bredesen, and Tom Payne; Publicity—Jane Grant, Karen Stingle, and Jim Brock; Pitching—Jack Lofton.

Thanks were extended to Tom Payne for hosting a Friday night reception and to Jim Brock for hosting a dinner and ice cream social at his house in the evening.

Leaders: Karen Stingle 85; Jack Lofton 129; Jill Accetta 102; Bruce Rowland 76 (t? b?); Betty Jones 337; Gary Plouff 42; Carolyn Gilkey 178; Meg Larson 38 (t? b?); James Brock 510; Kathy Vlach 532; Tom Payne 497; Martha Johnson 147t; Matthew Sellens 74b; Suzanne Denker 504; Susan Helf 189; Jane Grant 496; David Wright 277; Rachel Foster 335; Dan Thoma 66; David Landazuri 373; Fran Ross 184.


David Adee brought the class back to order leading 479. Leaders: Gerry Currens 117; Teri Reich 421; Connie Stanton 108 (t? b?); Leigh Van Sickle 40; Jean Marcotte 163b; Jean Murphy 106; Karen Stingle 203; Jack Lofton 302; Jill Accetta 67; Bruce Rowland 30t.

A memorial lesson was held. Fran Ross led 380 for the following sick and shut-ins: Jeanette Denker, Andrew March, and Pat Nidah—Oregon; Lois Jancaitis—Virginia; Everen Miller—Wisconsin; Rita Whaley—Illinois.

The following deceased were remembered with song on page 86: Croyn Daschbach, Emory Via, Trim Bissell, and Margaret Haven—Oregon; Dorothy Ross and Jean Close—New York; Paul Kulhanek—Washington; Mary Jayne Weismor—Wisconsin; Sally Spiess—California; Billie Perkins—Texas; Muriel Plouff—Massachusetts. The memorial was closed.

Leaders: Carolyn Gilkey 142; Gary Plouff 153; Jim Brock 100; Meg Larson 143; Kathy Vlach 474; Tom Payne 183. Susan Helf offered the blessing on the noon meal.


Martha Johnson brought the class back to order, followed by the class singing “Happy Birthday” to her, and then she led 198. Leaders: Matthew Sellens 300; Suzanne Denker 180; Susan Helf 84; Jane Grant 503; David Wright 299; Rachel Foster 384; Dan Thoma 65; David Landazuri 454; Fran Ross 455; Gerry Currens 191; Terri Wright 126; Connie Stanton 99; Leigh Van Sickle 280; Jean Marcotte 114; Jean Murphy 312 (t? b?); Karen Stingle 254; Jack Lofton 456; Jill Accetta 332; Bruce Rowland 426b.


Gary Plouff brought the class back to order leading 567. Leaders: Carolyn Gilkey 268; James Brock 350; Meg Larson 549; Kathy Vlach 362; Tom Payne 236; Martha Johnson 34b; Matthew Sellens 146; Susan Helf 347; David Wright 179; Rachel Foster 82 (t? b?); Dan Thoma 107; David Landazuri 378b; Fran Ross 61; Gerry Currens 159.

Announcements were made. Everyone was invited to attend dinner and singing at the home of Jim Brock.

The next Eugene Singing will be held the first Saturday in August of 2004.

A total of 46 people attended this year’s singing which included Tilke Elkins, a direct descendant of Isaac Watts, and a couple from New Zealand.

The singing was closed with the traditional Eugene closing song of 155, and Susan Helf dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairperson—Karen Stingle; Secretary/Treasurer—Carolyn Gilkey.