Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Chafin, Harbinson, Hollis Memorial

New Prospect Church, Cullman County, Alabama

July 20, 2003

The one hundred-thirtieth session of the Chafin, Harbinson, Hollis Memorial Sacred Harp singing was held on the third Sunday in July, and called to order by Velton Chafin leading 29t. Linton Ballinger offered the morning prayer. Velton Chafin led 30t.

The class was organized for the day by electing or appointing the following officers: Chairman—Harrison Creel; Vice Chairman—Velton Chafin; Secretary—Josie Hyde; Arranging Committee—Velton Chafin, Brenda Merritt, and Wanda Capps.

Leaders: Harrison Creel 348b; Gary Smith 31t; Ann Ballard 284; Bill Farris 87; Aubrey Barfield 551, 383; Winell Sanders 111b; Marlin Beasley 498.

John Merritt presented a check in the amount of $1,000.00 to the Joe Beasley Foundation in memory of Marion and Hattie Chafin.

Leaders: Sarah Smith 129; Amber Springfield 224; Paula Springfield 318; Tommie Spurlock 442; Ann Jett 327; Linton Ballinger 306; Stanley Smith 546; Wilton Donaldson 317; Clarissa Springfield 445; Agnes Farris 378t, 418.


Harrison Creel called the class back to order leading 335. Leaders: Eldagene Roberson 385b; Stuart Ivey 120, 314; Henry Guthery 543; Elene Stovall 182; Travis Keeton 343; Josie Hyde 302; Coy Ivey 59; Ivalene Donaldson 56t; Judy Caudle 403; Margaret Keeton and Bradley Allen 345t; Karen Ivey 144; Corene White 216; Charlie Ballard 354b; Marie Guthrie 220; Wanda Capps 299; Ashley Keeton and Ashley Campbell 217, 143, 196; S.T. Reed 103; Bridgett Hill and Elene Stovall 480.

John Merritt, Brenda Merritt, and Anthony Chafin presented Ozella Chafin Blackmon with a pin and Velton Chafin with a watch for their outstanding work in keeping this singing going so strong.

James Hollis spoke of the progress of the Church Cemetery Fund and the new paving of the churchyard.


Harrison Creel brought the class together leading 512. Leaders: Buell Cobb 138b; David Roberson 78; Cassie Franklin 368; Lisa Geist 180; Naomi Haygood 434; Cindy Tanner 436; Larry Ballinger 91; Jonathon Chafin and John Merritt 294; Rodney Ivey 212, 564; Bill Hogan 64; Margaret Gowen 141; Amanda Denson 142, 181; Emily Creel 186; Allison Ivey 208; Danny Creel 269.


Harrison Creel brought the afternoon session to order leading 530. Leaders: David Ivey 360; Clarence McCool 535, 349; Richard Ivey 283; John Merritt 133, 358 (by request of Gwen Hollis and in memory of Flora Hollis Grady); Wanda Capps 183 (in memory of Vernice Calvert); Rodney Ivey 542; S.T. Reed 313t; Larry Ballinger 276; Ozella Blackmon 282; Coy Ivey 112; Coy Ivey and Karen Ivey 222; Josie Hyde 507; Danny Creel and Emily Creel 475; Marlin Beasley, Ann Ballard, and Sarah Smith 146, 460 (for Elsie Beasley, who is in the nursing home); Richard Ivey, Stuart Ivey, and Allison Ivey 171, 270; Travis Keeton 203; Velton Chafin, Ozella Blackmon, John Merritt, and Brenda Merritt 521; Bridgett Hill, Elene Stovall, and Rodney Ivey 530; Buell Cobb 278t (by request); Linton Ballinger 189; Judy Caudle 345 (t? b?); Henry Guthery 137; Amanda Denson 278b; Clarence McCool 225t; Ann Jett 43; Gary Smith, Charlie Ballard, and Juanita Beasley 565; Wanda Capps, Emily Creel, and Karen Ivey 532.

Harrison Creel led 46 as the closing song. Velton Chafin offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Harrison Creel; Vice Chairman—Velton Chafin; Secretary—Josie Hyde.