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Michiana Singing

New Testament Baptist Church, Goshen, Indiana

Saturday, July 19, 2003

James Nelson Gingerich opened the sixteenth annual Michiana Singing with 59. Rachel Miller Jacobs offered the opening prayer and then led 40.

Leaders: Samuel Sommers 36b; Ann Miczulski 30t; Rachel Baker 270; Roger Williams 367; Sue Kessell 362; John Fink 49b; David Rust 327; Natalia Cecire 300; Rochelle Lodder 31t; Mary Ellen Schrock 178; Tommy George 155; Nancy Yeager 146; Greg Howard 569 (t? b?); Lela Crowder 328; John Bayer 53; Gaston White 66; Sarah Burghardt 181; Jeff Sheppard 196; Wendy Wahn 546; Shane Wootten 171.


Rachel Miller Jacobs brought the class back to order leading 45t. Leaders: Megan Jennings 29t; Jim Helke 490; Kiri Miller 383; B.J. Schnorenberg 87; Aaron Girard 67; Beth Reed 385t; Daphene Causey and Sharon DuPriest 269; Dennis George 456; Hans Bayer and Jubal Bayer 117; Brad Bahler 354b; Steve Warner 86; Martha Beverly 71; Warren Steel 70b; Pauline Childers 384; James Page 202; Karen Freund 131b; Emmie Barford and Sarah Burghardt 410t; Joe Todd 373; Kay Huener 38t; Berkley Moore 75; Linda Speck 479; Dan Huger 47b; Joan Aldridge 189.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Cathryn Baker who spoke about the ministries of people who have gone before us and led 122 for the deceased. Those remembered were: Ruth Brown, Elder Donald Smith, Lamar Smith, Allie Aldridge, and Leola Smith—Alabama; Kenneth DeLong—Georgia; Robert Wagner—California; Marvin Speck and Allen Huggins—North Carolina; Bill DeFotis—Virginia; David Lewin -Massachusetts; Delia Conley and Frances Stuckey—Ohio; Cecelia Hauff—South Dakota; Hugh Anderson—New York; David Carter—Oregon.

Janet Fraembs read the list of names of those sick and shut-in and led 212 in their honor: Sammie Oliver, Stephen Figura, Martha Henderson, Violet Thomason, Bob Scorgie, Danny Oleksa, Violet Stark, Ann Elaine Cullor, and Bruce Ketelle. Janet Fraembs closed the memorial lesson with prayer.


Samuel Sommers brought the class back for the afternoon session with song on page 477. Leaders: Jan Wright 192; Nathan Barford 260; Hannah Baker and Cathryn Baker 222; Charlotte Wolfe 114; Randy Neufeld 32 (t? b?); Molly Williams 128; Jarrod George 236; Suzanne Flandreau 356 (?); Diane Mennella 377; Debbie Barford 163b; Lee Steinmetz 242; Regina Bayer 399b; Jerry Enright 399t; Beth Todd 284; Shelbie Sheppard 455; Judy Mincey 475.


James Nelson Gingerich brought the class together with 497. Leaders: Julie Vea 528; Ted Mercer 139; LaRue Allen 142; Reba Windom and Shelbie Sheppard 216; Anne Heider 454; Richard DeLong 422; Lynne deBenedette 76b; Pam Carson 361; Janet Fraembs 532; David Yeager 240; Cathryn Baker 318; Bill Beverly 547; Lorraine Bayer 100; Kent Beck 319; Dave Barford 168; Rachel Adelstein 245; Donna Wootten 274t.

Announcements were made. James Nelson Gingerich and Samuel Sommers led 62 as the closing song, and Rachel Miller Jacobs dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—James Nelson Gingerich; Chaplain—Rachel Miller Jacobs; Secretary—Samuel Sommers.