Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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New Hope Memorial Singing

East of Villa Rica, Georgia, off U.S. Highway 78

June 8, 2003

The New Hope Primitive Baptist Church Memorial Sacred Harp Singing was held on the second Sunday in June. The class was called to order by Hugh McGraw leading 85 and 72t. Felton Denney led the class in the morning prayer.

Leaders: Hugh McGraw 312b; Charlene Wallace 61, 77t, 79; Earlis McGraw 77b, 435, 544; Mary L. Smith 271t, 39b, 63; Jimmie Denney 313t, 294, 46; Josephine Denney 100, 405 (in memory of Everette Denney), 452; Bobby Jackson 30b, 499, 569b; Reba Norton 176b, 274t, 275b.


The class was called together by Hugh McGraw leading 145b.

A business session was held with the following officers elected: Chairman—Hugh McGraw; Secretary—Charlene Wallace.

Hugh McGraw called the following leaders: Preston McLendon (98 years old) 45t, who gave a talk on his younger days learning to sing Sacred Harp; Denney Rogers 143 (in memory of his mother, Vivian Rogers), 410t; Eunice Webb 303, 208, 73b (for Alice Edwards and Louise Allen); Cindy Gray 64 (in memory of her mother, Grace Keaton, and grandfather, Leo Lambert), 159, 358; Rev Harold Tyson 30t; Felton Denney 234, 235, 231; Lisa Webb 126, 124, 40.


The afternoon session was called together by Charlene Wallace and Margie McLendon leading 87 and 101t. Leaders: Rita Haley 268, 276, 269 (in memory of Mildred Dumas); Nick Griffin 164, 127, 139; Lonnie Rogers 225t, 222 (in memory of Vivian Rogers); Wesley Haley 34b, 479 (in memory of Harry Dumas), 117; Eunice Webb 136, 229, 148; Bobby Jackson 445, 34t; Corene Laminack 59, 108t; Jimmie Denney 49t, 49b; Lisa Webb 155, 47 (t? b?); Mary L. Smith 113, 448b; Preston McLendon 68b.

Announcements were made. Hugh McGraw led 72b as the closing song. Lonnie Rogers dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Hugh McGraw; Secretary—Charlene Wallace.