Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Pine Grove Singing

Lookout Mountain, Near Collinsville, Alabama

April 20, 2003

The annual spring singing at Pine Grove Church near Collinsville, Alabama was held on the third Sunday in April and was called to order by Bud Oliver leading 32t. Dennis George offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Bud Oliver 82t; S.T. Reed 85, 123b; Randall Smith and Danny Smith 76b, 343; Milton Oliver 100, 270; Scot Oliver and Alanna Blanks 313t, 405; Boyd Scott 68b, 59; Bobby Watkins 111b, 99; Betty Wright 515, 569b; Joan Aldridge 475; Stuart Ivey 135, 415; Wayne Reed 145t, 108t.


Bud Oliver brought the class together leading 39b. Leaders: Jerry Enright 77t, 216; Max Berueffy 283, 335; Laura Clawson and Jessica Ivey 354b; Jared Wootten, Hayden Wootten, and Jamey Wootten 145b, 282; Paula Oliver and Milton Oliver 124; L.B. Wright 59; Aaron Wootten 448t; Amber Springfield 454; Cassie Franklin 186; Chita Blakeley 428; Velton Chafin 227; Cody Blain 354b; Myra Dalton 496; John Plunkett 156.


S.T. Reed brought the class together with 123t. Leaders: Sandie Scott 146; Wilton Donaldson and Ivalene Donaldson 348b; Donna Wootten 74b; Mattie Townsel 317; Syble Adams 171; Marty Wootten 384.


The class resumed singing with Bud Oliver leading 47t. Leaders: Dennis George 349; Susan Harcrow 318; Rodney Ivey 430; Karen Freund 300; Terry Wootten 160 (t? b?); Elene Stovall 426b; David Ivey 408; Lynne deBenedette 434; Harrison Creel 512; Karen Ivey and Stuart Ivey 236; Laura Clawson 542; Eloise Wootten 299; Lela Crowder, Jessica Ivey, and Cheyenne Ivey 215; Flarce Creel 503; Shane Wootten 70b; Kristy Finley and Bud Oliver 317; Dewayne Wootten 345b; Charles Stiefel and Shane Wootten 345b; Nate Green and Norma Green 369; Eric Blanks and Alanna Blanks 551; Ed Thacker 426t; Loretta Smith 87; Laura Clawson 81t; Lynne deBenedette and Karen Freund 142.

Bud Oliver thanked everyone for coming. Announcements were made. Bud Oliver, Milton Oliver, and S.T. Reed led 46 as the closing song. Harrison Creel offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Bud Oliver; Secretary—Randall Smith.