Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Ebenezer Mennonite Old Schoolhouse Singing

Bluffton, Ohio

November 4, 1995

The second annual Old Schoolhouse Singing was held on November 4, 1995, at the Ebenezer Mennonite Old Schoolhouse near Bluffton, Ohio. The class was called to order by Kathy Knecht leading the song on page 49 (t? b?). The morning prayer was led by Ed Huener. Officers were then elected: Joint Chair—Kathy Knecht and Kay Bieszczad; Secretary—Kay Bieszczad; Arranging Committee—Lil Huener and Rev. Beth Huener; Memorial Committee—Ed Huener. The class resumed singing with Kathy Bieszczad leading the song on page 84. Leaders: Samuel Sommers 88b, 548, and 207. This was dedicated to Samuel Sommers’ godson, Ian Samuel, who sang this song during a church service recently. John Bealle 89, 549b, 278t; Eloise Clark 273, 155, 276; Alexander Knecht 485; Jodi Liss 106, 171, 31t; Charles Wells 49b, 38b; Kay Bieszczad 551b, 40; Kathy Knecht 479; Joseph Todd 312b. A morning break was called.


The class resumed singing with Beth Huener leading the song on page 269. Leaders: Michael Darby 63, 143; Charles Wells 285t, 547; Chris Sepic 452b, 209; Kay Bieszczad 317b; Kathy Knecht 369; Samuel Sommers 133; John Bealle 212; Eloise Clark 47t; Jodi Liss 290; Joseph Todd 433. The class was dismissed for lunch.


Lunch was served across the street in the Fellowship Hall of the Ebenezer Mennonite Church by the ladies of the convention. The class sang 59, “Holy Manna”, for the servers. The class resumed singing with Kay Bieszczad leading the song on page 410b. A collection to cover expenses was taken while Kay Bieszczad led song on page 66. Leaders: Chris Sepic 45t; Christine Guth “Thousand Falls” (her own composition), 390, 501; Beth Todd 146, 495; Samuel Sommers 146, 528; John Bealle 442, 218; Eloise Clark “Hans” from “New Original Compositions” from the Ohio Sacred Harp Convention 1995, and 184; Charles Knecht 566, 126; Jodi Liss 335, 436; Fred Todt 430, 189; Joe Todd 61; Michael Darby 480, 250; Kathy Knecht 117, 344; Charles Wells 47b, 73b; Kay Bieszczad 159, 132; Chris Sepic 68b, 300; Michael Hieber 288. An afternoon break was called.


The memorial lesson was given by Ed Huener. Remembered were: Martha Clark Wells, mother of Charles Wells who died on April 12, 1995; Lorenz Tadsen, uncle of Ed Huener who died October 21, 1995; the Rev. Jeffery Thompson who died in November, 1994; and Marlin Miller. The memorial lesson also remembered John Bayer and his family who were unable to attend due to his grandfather’s illness. We missed their contribution to the singing and wish them well. Kathy Knecht lead the song on page 46 to complete the memorial lesson. The singing resumed with John Bealle leading the song on page 229. Leaders: Beth Todd 268; Samuel Sommers 386, 112; Eloise Clark 412, 217; Charles Knecht 39t, 328; Jodi Liss 361, 277; Fred Todt 348 (t? b?); Michael Hieber 142; Joe Todd 44; Michael Darby 350; Charles Wells 28b in honor of his mother who died in April; Kay Bieszczad 336; Chris Sepic 168; Christine Guth 71; Kathy Knecht 368; Beth Todd 85; John Bealle 99; Barbara Bowers 497. The closing prayer was led by Ed Huener. The closing song was 62, led by Kathy Knecht.

Joint Chair—Kathy Knecht and Kay Bieszczad; Secretary—Kay Bieszczad.