Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Beasley-Lee Memorial Singing

Concord Primitive Baptist Meeting House, Winfield, Alabama

August 18, 2002

The thirty-fourth annual Beasley-Lee Memorial Singing was called to order by Chairman Marlin Beasley leading songs on pages 82 (t? b?) and 32t. Harrison Creel offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Marlin Beasley; Vice Chairman—Travis Keeton; Arranging Committee—Josie Hyde; Secretary—Gary Smith.

Marlin Beasley then led song on page 75. This session is dedicated to the memory of Frances Beasley Lee.

Leaders: Josie Hyde 103; Gary Smith 523, 565; John Beasley 67; Don Keeton 406, 61; Sarah Beasley Smith 108t, 30t; Clarence McCool 112, 172; Winell Sanders 225t; Becky Beasley Briggs 384, 480; Johnny Humber 460, 426b; Ann Beasley Ballard 274t, 159; Kermit Adams 277, 76b; Ricky Beasley 49b, 47b; Cora Beasley Sweatt 268 (for Virginia Douglas), 312b.


Marlin Beasley called the class to order leading song on page 317. Leaders: A. A. Malone 68b; Brenda Pena 229, 569t; Velton Chafin 573; Edith Tate 532, 333; Tim Cook 160b, 147b; Gravis Ballinger 99, 535; Jayne Fulmer 217, 454; John Merritt 271t, “Nothing But the Blood”; Margaret Keeton 321; Harrison Creel 498, 111b. John Merritt offered grace.


Travis Keeton brought the afternoon session to order leading songs on pages 270 and 235. Leaders: John Hyde 39b, 297; Brenda Merritt 430, 455; Emma and Belton Beasley’s grandchildren, great-grandchildren and one great-great grandchild 354 (t? b?), 30t; Emma and Belton Beasley’s children (David “Chug” Beasley, Sarah Beasley Smith, John Beasley, Cora Beasley Sweatt, Marlin Beasley, Alvin “Bunk” Beasley, Ann Beasley Ballard, and Becky Beasley Briggs) 72 (t? b?); Wanda Capps 142, 474; Earl Ballinger 283; Elene Stovall 216 (in memory of her father, Demas Aldridge, who would have been 101 years old on August 17), 440; Buell Cobb 141; Amber Springfield 192; Larry Ballinger 350; Julietta Haynes 200, 298; Max Berueffy 91, 196; Amanda Denson Brady 213b, 213t; Elsie Beasley and Brenda Pena 460, 436.

Dan McCurry and Ann Beasley Ballard conducted a moving, inspirational memorial lesson, and led song on page 285 (t? b?) (the song Frances Lee was listening to when she passed away). Those memorialized were: Frances Beasley Lee, Ethel Harper McGough, Odie Beasley (Amber Springfield’s great-grandmother), George Cox, James Howell, Doris Vickers, Lucille Creel Tolbert, Milford Watts, Helen Connor Smith, Helen Smith Hall, and Dovy Jackson.

Those listed as sick and shut-ins were Cecil Cox, Gladys Bonds, and Tressie Adkins. Dan McCurry and Ann Ballard led song on page 340 for the sick. Dan McCurry closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Billy Williams 161; Dorothea McCowan and Dustin McCowan 442, 294; David (Chug) Beasley and Alvin (Bunk) Beasley 33b; Lisa Morton and Tara Morton 77t; Seth Holloway 388; David Jackson 45t, 146; Tina Davis and Scott Davis 63.

After announcements, Marlin Beasley and Travis Keeton led song on page 62 as the closing song. John Beasley offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Marlin Beasley; Vice Chairman—Travis Keeton; Secretary—Gary Smith.