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Alabama Collegiate Singing

University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Saturday, February 16, 2002

The fourth annual session of the Alabama Collegiate Singing was held in the hall of the Wesley Foundation Methodist Student Center on the campus of the University of Alabama. Tim Cook called the class to order at 9:30 a.m., taught a brief singing school, and led song on page 49t as the opening song, with notes in unison, then in parts. Lavaughn Ballinger offered the morning prayer.

A short business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Bill Stewart; Vice Chairman—Robert DuPree; Secretary/Treasurer—Tim Cook.

Leaders: Bill Stewart 99; Glenn Keeton 278t, 225t; Donald Smith 313t, 406; Amber Springfield 436, 318; Gravis Ballinger 300, 34b; Cassie Franklin 74t, 328; Ruth Wyers 87, 206; J.L. Hopper 407, 556; Lisa Geist 542, 224; Ivalene Donaldson 335, 343.


Tim Cook brought the class to order leading song on page 49b. Leaders: Ola Meadows 400, 37b; Edward Howton 101t, 434; Elene Stovall 196, 216; Clarissa Springfield 445; Clarissa Springfield and Amber Springfield 454; Toney Smith 77b; Larry Ballinger 78, 151; Eileen Metzger 148, 32t; Travis Keeton 270, 496; Max Berueffy 157, 195; Laura Collins and Allison Ivey 45t; Julianna Jett 88t, 108t; Alex Makris 345t, 97. Elder Donald Smith offered the blessing for the noon meal.


A memorial lesson was presented by Donald Smith, Ruth Wyers, and Luke Smith leading songs on pages 235 and 490. In the intervening year, we were saddened by the deaths of: Jim Barber, Lydia Baswell, George Cox, and Sarah Townsend.

Our beloved on the list of sick and shut-ins were: Cecile Cox, Bill Green, Beufa Green, James Howell, Martha Howell, Elvin Morris, Clara Smith, Leola Smith, and Rupert Yarbrough. Tish Crocker also could not be with us this year as she was caring for her grandmother, Clara Smith, at DCH Hospital down the street.

Leaders: John Merritt and Brian Murphy 358; Nate Green and Norma Green 565, 345b; Charlene Wallace 171; Judy Caudle 276, 182; Earl Ballinger 430; Amanda Denson 273, 36b; Eugene Forbes 208, 317; Warren Steel 352, 355; Wilton Donaldson 285t; Danny Creel 112, 269; Thom Metzger 101b, 198; Vernice Phillips 155, 168; Beth O’dell 384, 546; Wanda Capps 272, 142; Lavaughn Ballinger 84, 405; Steven Lambert 452, 31t; David Gibson 551, 290; Robert Dupree 117, 40; Edward Howton and Peggy Bergman 32t, 218; Mako Cook 347.

Announcements were made. Amanda Denson announced a scholarship fund of the Sacred Harp Publishing Company to assist college students who sing Sacred Harp. In this year’s singing, we were heartened by the modest increase in the number of young people to “seek the old paths and walk therein,” and we hope they might benefit from our humble assistance.

Bill Stewart led song on page 68b as the closing song. Elder J.L. Hopper dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Bill Stewart; Vice Chairman—Robert DuPree; Secretary/Treasurer—Tim Cook.