Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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University of Chicago/Hyde Park Singing

Quaker House, Chicago, Illinois

Saturday, October 27, 2001

The third annual University of Chicago/Hyde Park Singing was called to order at 10:15 a.m. by Chairman Ariel Weinberg leading song on page 59. Jim Swanson offered the opening prayer.

Officers: Chairman—Ariel Weinberg; Arranging Committee—Cathryn Baker and Jeff Gauthier; Memorial Committee—Berkley Moore; Finance Committee—Shaffiq Welji and Randy Neufield; Secretary—Cathryn Baker.

Leaders: Ariel Weinberg 117; Megan Jennings 107; Randy Neufield 102; Rachel Adelstein 280; Kiri Miller 224; Herb Schroeder 36b; Berkley Moore 348b; Marcia Johnson 216; Dean Slaton 229; Judy Hauff 172; Jeff Gauthier 402; James Page 505; Bruce Holmes 547; Jim Swanson 477; Nick Pasqual 116; Cathryn Baker 384; Shaffiq Welji 148; Ted Johnson 542; Melanie Hauff 485.


Ariel Weinberger called the class to order leading song on page 38b. Leaders: Megan Jennings 390; Bruce Holmes 146; Ted Mercer 353; Kiri Miller 82t; James Page “Nebraska”; Judy Hauff 163t; Dean Slaton 110; Randy Neufield 171; Berkley Moore 473; Marcia Johnson 196; Rachel Adelstein 198.


Ariel Weinberger called the class together leading song on page 66.

The class held a memorial lesson in memory of loved ones and friends deceased during the past year, and to remember those in poor health. Berkley Moore led song on page 49b, first verse with printed words, second verse using the first verse of “Amazing Grace” in honor of those who are homebound: Jim Helke, Stephanie Rubin, and Al Frank—Illinois; Regina Weber—Arizona; Everett Yoder—New Mexico; Philip Page, Jr.—New Jersey; Bob Scorgie—Wisconsin; Randy Wells—Florida; Jason Brittain—Arkansas; Charlie Derleth—Missouri; Donnie McGraw—Georgia; Shelbie Sheppard—Alabama.

Berkley Moore led song on page 285t in remembrance of those who are deceased: Miriam Pasqual, Jerilyn Schumacher, and Stan Ellis—Illinois; Joanna Sorlein—Pennsylvania; John Flandreau (father of Suzanne Flandreau)—New York; Gladys Harden—Alabama. Jim Swanson closed the memorial with prayer, and also offered grace for lunch.


Shaffiq Welji called the class together leading song on page 268. Leaders: Herb Schroeder 332; Violet Stark 84; Ted Johnson 29b; Melanie Hauff 440; Jim Swanson 564; Jeff Gauthier 270; Nick Pasqual 515; Cathryn Baker 436 (in memory of Jerilyn Schumacher, and in celebration of Suzanne Flandreau’s and Ariel Weinberg’s birthdays); James Page 162; Ted Johnson 112; Berkley Moore, Celestial Watering, and Kiri Miller 448t; Bruce Holmes 24 (t? b?); Herb Schroeder 76b; Dean Slaton 306; Jim Swanson 454; Marcia Johnson 532; Lisa Grayson 288; Rachel Adelstein “War Memorial”; Shaffiq Welji 182; Nick Pasqual 333; Melanie Hauff 404 (for Dan Havens and Dory Havens); Violet Stark 122.


Ariel Weinberg brought the class together leading song 99.

Leaders: Randy Neufield 32t; Jeff Gauthier 94; Ted Mercer 430; Cathryn Baker 531; James Page 284; Berkley Moore 417; Lisa Grayson 192; Marcia Johnson 368; James Swanson 40 (in memory of John Flandreau); Herb Schroeder 211; Rachel Adelstein 287; Melanie Hauff 203; Violet Stark 496; David Stech 210; Nick Pasqual 74b; Dean Slaton 222; Shaffiq Welji 174; Jeff Gauthier 340; Randy Neufield 47t; James Page 272; Lisa Grayson 378b.

After announcements, Ariel Weinberg led song on page 347 as the closing song with singers taking the parting hand. Jim Swanson dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Ariel Weinberg; Secretary—Cathryn Baker.