Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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New Hope Memorial Singing

East of Villa Rica, Georgia, off U.S. Highway 78

June 10, 2001

The New Hope Primitive Baptist Church Memorial Sacred Harp Singing was held on the second Sunday in June. Hugh McGraw called the class to order leading song on page 128. Rev. Max Vincent led the morning prayer.

Leaders: Hugh McGraw 73b; Charlene Wallace 61, 60; Jimmie Denney 63, 68b, 101t; Earlis McGraw 271t, 163t; Bobby Jackson 59, 445, 81 (t? b?); Preston McLendon 75, 45t; Josephine Denney 43, 452; Tommy McGraw 225t (for his grandmother, Gladys McGraw, and his uncle, Gary McGraw), 475, 37b.


Hugh McGraw called the class together leading song on page 64.

The class organized for the day by electing the following officers: Chairman—Hugh McGraw; Vice Chairman—Tommy McGraw; Secretary—Charlene Wallace.

Hugh McGraw made a brief talk on Sacred Harp for the benefit of the people in the congregation. Chairman Hugh McGraw called the leaders.

Leaders: Charles Woods 283, 28b, 168; Lenna Davidson and Charlene Wallace 335; Oscar McGuire 155, 441; Donna Duke 129, 146; Nick Griffin 551, 127; Orlando Driver 40; Felton Denney 55 (for Preston McLendon), 47t; Glenda Collins 354 (t? b?), 282; Lonnie Rogers 97, 33b.


Tommy McGraw called the class to order leading songs on pages 30t and 39b. Leaders: Eunice Webb 298, 290; Belinda Stansbery 48b, 49b; Alice Edwards 104 (in memory of Cecil Edwards); Cecil Roberts 119; Wesley Haley 34b, 503; Elsie Brock 112, 36b; Gene Duke 80b, 69b; Joyce Clackum and Katherine Benefield 373, 111t, 56t; Judy Henry 106, 171, 100 (for Carlene Griffin); Hugh McGraw 294 (by request); Felton Denney 549; Charlene Wallace 79; Charles Woods 164 (in memory of his father, Oscar Woods); Earlis McGraw 148 (in memory of his father-in-law, Fowler Earnest); Lonnie Rogers 222 (for Vivian Rogers); Wesley Haley 117; Eunice Webb 378 (t? b?) (in memory of her brother); Orlando Driver 274t; Josephine Denney 405 (for Everette Denney); Glenda Collins 124; Oscar McGuire 122 (in memory of Elder J.J. Aderhold); Preston McLendon 133.

Announcements were made. Tommy McGraw led song on page 46 as the closing song. Lonnie Rogers dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Hugh McGraw; Vice Chairman—Tommy McGraw; Secretary—Charlene Wallace.