Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Higher Ground Singing

United Ministry Center, Terre Haute, Indiana

Saturday, March 31, 2001

The sixth annual meeting of the Higher Ground Singing, co-hosted by singers of Charleston and Mattoon, Illinois and Bloomington, Indiana was called to order by Janet Fraembs who led song on page 276. Chaplain Don Bardsley offered the morning prayer.

A business meeting was held with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairmen—David Rust and Mike Veech; Arranging Committee—William Shetter; Secretary—Janet Fraembs; Treasurer—Dorothy Glanzer; Registration—Donna Purdom; Chaplain—Don Bardsley.

Leaders: David Rust 135; Mike Veech 228, 159; William Shetter 171, 479; Janet Fraembs 312 (t? b?), 476; Dorothy Glanzer 73b, 350; Presley Barker 474, 107; Donna Purdom 63, 454; Joan Aldridge 475, 222; Don Baker 74b, 354b; John Bailey 87, 145b; Peggy Brayfield 65, 455.


David Rust brought the class together leading song on page 146. Leaders: Lee Steinmetz 68b, 163b; Luke Barker 79, 215; Martha Tyner 58, 147t; Lori Graber 480, 278t; Don Bardsley 313b, 148; Marlen Rust 203, 29t; Mike Veech 28t, 43; David Rust 384, 74t; Janet Fraembs 198, 335; William Shetter 38 (CB), 150. Don Bardsley offered prayer to grace the noon meal.


Mike Veech called the class together for the afternoon session leading song on page 277. Leaders: Dorothy Glanzer 288, 229; Presley Barker 178, 497; Joan Aldridge 270, 142; Don Baker 133, 82 (t? b?); Marlen Rust 47t, 567; Luke Barker 179, 155; Lori Graber 486, 547; John Bailey 129, 535; William Shetter 59, 231.


Mike Veech brought the class to order leading song on page 441; Peggy Brayfield led songs on pages 28b and 284.

Don Bardsley presented the memorial lesson and quoted the words from song on page 55. The song on page 128 was sung for the deceased: Charlene Martin—Indiana; Charlie Dye—Illinois. The song on page 376 was sung for the following sick and shut-ins: Charles Derleth—Missouri; Virginia Evans, Karen Hojnacki, and Bill Rintz (who recently had a heart transplant)—Illinois; Maybelle Hoheimer—Indiana. The memorial was closed.

Leaders: Lee Steinmetz 81t, 31t; Donna Purdom 40, 38t; David Rust 542; Martha Tyner 333; Janet Fraembs 556; Don Bardsley 268; Mike Veech 569b; Lee Steinmetz 236; Luke Barker 66; Presley Barker 300; Dorothy Glanzer 551; Lori Graber 424.

Announcements were made. Thanks and gratitude were given to singers traveling a long way to help sing and to the United Ministry Center for providing snacks and drinks and for the hospitality.

Mike Veech led song on page 347 as the closing song. Chaplain Don Bardsley dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairmen—David Rust and Mike Veech; Secretary—Marlen Rust.