Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Vermont State Singing

Town Hall, Townshend, Vermont

Saturday, March 24, 2001

The annual Vermont State Singing was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Chairman Peter Amidon leading song on page 40. George Seiler offered the opening prayer.

Officers and committees: Chairman—Peter Amidon; Treasurer/Registration—Paula Whiting; Arranging Committee—Dan Hertzler, Cath Oss, Matt Wojcik, and Rosie Wojcik; Food—Paul Butler; Secretary—Laura Timmerman.

Leaders: Laura Timmerman 63; Jean Seiler 47t; Matthew Wojcik 101t; Ginnie Ely 313t; Guy Bankes 77b; Bob Parr 228; Charles Cofone 66; Larry Gordon 168; Anne Kazlauskas 99; Tom Mousin 147t; George Seiler 480; Paul Gauthier 542; Judy Holst 53; Paul Butler 290; Brian Collett 268; Eric Morgan 196; Patricia Geritz 479; Barbara Swetman 148; Brendan Taaffe 288; Susan Jaster 139; Patty Cuyler 47b; Linda Shea 277; Peter Amidon 77t.


Peter Amidon led song on page 48t to bring the class to order. Leaders: L.H. Spencer 95; Katie Shimizu 209; Kathy Collett 217; Mary Alice Amidon 362; Cath Oss 430; Colin Kinlund 107; Walt Colteryahn 455; Phill Wisor 131b; Nicola Collett 131t; Pete Sutherland 163b; Jim Ulrich 551; Sue Ulrich 273; Denise Morris 354b; Cheryl Stroud 198; Elka Schumann 181; Mary Neville 504; Nathan Morrison 497; Sam Schaefer-Joel 117.

Dan Hertzler offered the memorial lesson, encouraging the class to explore the meaning of what we are doing together and to feel the power of our agreement to come together in fellowship; to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. Dan Hertzler led song on page 70t for the sick and shut-ins.

Dan Hertzler then spoke of the healing power of our singing together, and the comfort we receive at times of grief. When our grief is unspeakable, we can still sing about it. After speaking of the life which is reborn in death, he led song on page 284 for those who have passed in the past year.

Peter Amidon led song on page 180, and Tom Mousin gave the blessing before lunch.


Chairman Peter Amidon recalled the class for the afternoon session by leading song on page 82t. Leaders: Bill Holt 352; Ginnie Ely 373; Paul Butler 338; Jim Ulrich 300; Erica Brinton 155; Jim Desmond 269; Jean Seiler 200; Eric Hilderbrant 236; Dan Keebler 410 (t? b?); L.H. Spencer 224 (NH); John Brode 124; Phil Dutton 216 (NH); Laura Timmerman 274t; Charles Cofone 112; Bob Parr 270; Heather Klein 146 (NH); Vera Brockhuyse 136 (NH); Guy Bankes 120.

Peter Amidon thanked Paula Whiting for finding the fine singing space in Townshend, and announced that next year’s singing will be March 23, 2002 at the Weathersfield Center Meeting House, and then led 146.


Chair Peter Amidon called the class to order with song on page 208. Leaders: Matt Wojcik 538; Judy Holst 324; Sam Schaefer-Joel 474; Walt Colteryahn 82t; Larry Gordon 216; Anne Kazlauskas 197; Eric Morgan 171; Patty Cuyler 211; Paul Gauthier 448t; Sue Ulrich 31t; Cheryl Stroud 183; Mary Alice Amidon 91; Brian Collett and Nicola Collett 122 (NH); Nathan Morrison 42 (NH); Linda Shea 503; Patricia Geritz 178.

Resolutions: Thanks were given to:

(1) Larry Gordon and the Village Harmony singers for set up and clean up;

(2) Those who brought loaner books and books to sell;

(3) Those who pitched, and to those who served as chaplains;

(4) All officers, committees, food/servers and helpers.

The secretary reported that there were 85 songs led by 51 leaders, and 91 people registered.

Peter Amidon led song on page 93, and then led song on page 62 as the class took the parting hand. Tony Barrand offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Peter Amidon; Secretary—Laura Timmerman.