Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Southern Wisconsin Singing

Plum Grove Church, Folklore Village Farm,
Dodgeville, Wisconsin

Saturday, November 11, 2000

The fourteenth annual Southern Wisconsin Sacred Harp Singing was held on Saturday before the second Sunday in November, and was called to order by Jim Page leading song on page 47t. Joyce Anderson led the morning prayer.

Leaders: Dick Dunagan 369; Jan Ketelle 168; Gordon Olsen 277; Peggy Brayfield 28t; Michael Moore 333; Melanie Hauff 316; Jeff Bell 569b; Colette Miller 524; Matt Wells 39t; Lisa Grayson 29t; Paul Wyatt 107; Jo Dell Albi 74b; Francis Gurtz 125; Janet Fraembs 481; Jim Crawford 448b; Martha Henderson 442; Ted Johnson 200; Midge Olsen 171.

A business meeting was held and the following officers were elected or

appointed: Chairman—Dick Dunagan; Chaplain—Joyce Anderson; Secretary—Val Dunagan; Arranging Committee—Paula Goode, Joyce Anderson, and Johanna Fabke; Memorial Committee—Peter Vea, Julie Vea, and Marcia Johnson.


Dick Dunagan called the class to order leading song on page 312 (t? b?). Leaders: Kathy Kaiser 163t; Kristin Irving 370; Dean Slaton 216; Terry Hogg 212; Judy Hauff 488; Ted Mercer 430; Carol Crawford 207; Lee Steinmetz 250; Marcia Johnson 436; Joan Yeatman 143; Jim Hecke 186; Eleanor Haase 352; Mike Veech 350; Kathy Wallace 147t; Jim Page 573. Joyce Anderson led the prayer before lunch.


Dick Dunagan called the afternoon session to order leading song on page 284. Leaders: Val Dunagan 306; Jacob Affelter 34b; Julie Vea 291; Gordon Olsen 99; Peggy Brayfield 455; Michael Moore 319; Melanie Hauff 444; Joyce Anderson 354b; Jeff Bell 453; Colette Miller 368; Jan Ketelle 220; Matt Wells 81t; Lisa Grayson 222; Paul Wyatt 432.

The memorial lesson was held with Peter Vea reading the names of the deceased and sick and shut-in. Julie Vea led song on page 288 for the deceased: Jack Page—Texas; Dollie Hudgins and Vedie Touchstone—Georgia; Jim Jansen—Wisconsin; Lorene Fraembs—Kentucky; Norman Graven—Iowa; Virgil Phillips, Ruby Phillips, and Marie Aldridge—Alabama. Marcia Johnson led song on page 179 for the sick and shut-in: Cecilia Hansen and Karen Hojnacki—Illinois; Randy Wells—Florida; Philip Page, Jr.—New Jersey; Bob Scorgie—Wisconsin; Sara Curry—California. The memorial was closed.


Dick Dunagan called the class to order leading song on page 475. Leaders: Johanna Fabke 378b; Jo Dell Albi 419; Francis Gurtz 448 (t? b?); Lee Beaty 72b; Janet Fraembs 512; Jim Crawford 551b; Martha Henderson 124; Ted Johnson 181; Midge Olsen 269; Kristin Irving 63; Dean Slaton 285t; Terry Hogg 454; Judy Hauff 434; Ted Mercer 299.


Carol Crawford brought the final session to order leading song on page 178. Leaders: Kathy Kaiser 142; Lee Steinmetz 163b; Marcia Johnson 547; Joan Yeatman 479; Jim Hecke 496; Eleanor Haase 503; Mike Veech 504; Kathy Wallace 315; James Page 272; Julie Vea 209.

Announcements were made, and thanks were expressed to potluck Co-Chairs Julie Vea and Carol Enseki. Dick Dunagan led 69t as the closing song. Joyce Anderson led the closing prayer and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Dick Dunagan; Secretary—Val Dunagan.