Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Winston County Convention

Shady Grove Primitive Church, North of Double Springs, Alabama

September 24, 2000

The Winston County Sacred Harp Singing Convention was held at Shady Grove Primitive Baptist Church on the fourth Sunday in September, and was called to order by Travis Keeton leading song on page 89. Cecil Wakefield offered the morning prayer. Travis Keeton led song on page 129.

The class organized with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Kermit Adams; Vice Chairman—Dawson Adams; Arranging Committee—John Hyde and Josie Hyde; Secretary—Roma Rice.

Leaders: Kermit Adams 99, 235; Cecil Wakefield 282, 480; Corene White 146, 317b; Alonzo Malone 39b, 565b; Julie Poston 278b, 274b; Azilee Adams 337, 34t; Wilton Donaldson 31b, 30t; L.E. Hannah 212, 213t; Faye Donaldson 40, 225t.


Dawson Adams called the class back to order leading songs on pages 48t and 47t. Leaders: Chris Rice 312b, 384; Eron White 37b, 73b; Clarence McCool 569b, 68b; Emily Jones 74t, 75; Willodean Barton 82t, 101t; Ida Lee Starves 100; Ivalene Donaldson 108t, 145b; Odie Horton 32t; Julietta Haynes 46, 200; John Hyde 313 (t? b?), 535.


Kermit Adams called the class back to order leading song on page 288. Leaders: Margaret Keeton 171, 155; Jayne Fulmer 300, 203; Howard Brady 294, 122; Bernice Phillips 168, 112; Amanda Denson 276, 74b; Pernie Pelfrey 32t, 83t; Travis Keeton 290, 141; Elmer Conwill 44, 31t, 179; Josie Hyde 45t, 43, 104; Cecil Wakefield 159.

Kermit Adams led song on page 49b as the closing song, and the class was dismissed with prayer led by Cecil Wakefield.

Chairman—Kermit Adams; Vice Chairman—Dawson Adams; Secretary—Roma Rice.