Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Emma Beasley, John Belton Beasley,
And Phillip Lee, III Memorial

Concord Primitive Baptist Meeting House, Winfield, Alabama

August 20, 2000

The thirty-second session of the Emma Beasley, John Belton Beasley, and

Phillip Lee, III Memorial Singing was convened at Concord Primitive

Baptist Meeting House, Winfield, Alabama, on the third Sunday in August. The class was called to order by Chairman Marlin Beasley leading songs on pages 48t and 32t. Glenn Keeton offered the morning prayer and led song on page 33b.

The class organized with the following officers elected or appointed as follows: Chairman—Marlin Beasley; Vice Chairman—Glenn Keeton; Arranging Committee—Lena Keeton; Secretary—Sarah Beasley Smith. Leaders: Glenn Keeton 89, 75; Ivalene Donaldson 275 (t? b?); Brenda Pena 28b, 523; Clarence McCool 569b, 68b; Elsie Beasley 460, 192; Lisa Beasley Morton 77 (t? b?), 87; Ashley Keeton 299, 475; Josie Hyde 288, 298; Becky Beasley Briggs and Chris Briggs 179, 405; David Beasley 317, 72b; Cecil Sanders and Wynette Browning 111 (t? b?).


The class was called back by Lena Keeton leading song on page 166. Leaders: Sarah Beasley Smith 290, 61; Odie Ortten 151; Jacob Morton 41; Ricky Beasley 47b, 30b; Wilton Donaldson 30t, 426 (t? b?); Lavaughn Ballinger 401, 84; Travis Keeton 270, 425; Tommy Beasley 39 (t? b?), 340; Gary Smith 31t. Flarce Creel was called to lead but became ill and was unable. She and Harrison had to leave. The singers’ love and concern went with them.

Gary Smith conducted the memorial lesson with the following deceased remembered: Virgil Phillips, Ruby Phillips, Marie Aldridge, Rosa Hughes, and Charlie Elmore—Alabama; Mercedes Cagle Lambert—Georgia; and Karen House—New York. Buell Cobb led song on page 153 for the deceased.

Amanda Denson Brady led song on page 159 for the following sick and shut-ins: Gene Wakefield, Garnsey McGough, Ethel McGough, and Parnell Berry. Lavaughn Ballinger closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

The class recessed for lunch with grace returned by Chuck Beasley.


The class was called back to order for the afternoon session by Marlin Beasley leading song on page 318. Leaders: John Hyde 124, 297; Amber Springfield 389, 391; Ann Beasley Ballard 390, 457 (in memory of Margaret Beasley Hallmark and her husband Franklin Hallmark, at the request of their daughters Robin and Nell); A. A. Malone 300, 432; Johnny Humber 283, 340; John Beasley 67, 285 (t? b?); Larry Ballinger 49t, 138t; Francis Beasley Lee 274 (t? b?), 59; Cora Beasley Sweatt and granddaughter (Corissa Sweatt) 145 (t? b?); Paula Springfield 380; Paula Springfield, Clarissa Springfield, and Amber Springfield (for grandmother Lucille and aunt Deisie Lou); Buell Cobb 141.


The class was called back by Glenn Keeton leading song on page 267. Leaders: Earl Ballinger 224; Julian Wakefield and Lavaughn Ballinger 102, 284 (for Gene Wakefield); Jimmie Lou Gilmore 378 (t? b?), 146 (for Garnsey McGough and Ethel McGough); Tyler Montgomery and Ashley Keeton 294, 45t; Clarissa Springfield 343b, 445; Amanda Denson 291, 268; Chuck Beasley 36b, 33b; Kermit Adams 99, 314; Alvin Beasley 81t, 82t; Lena Keeton 546; Amber Springfield “Great Roll Call”.

After announcements Marlin Beasley and Glenn Keeton led song on page 56 (t? b?) as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Earl Ballinger.

Chairman—Marlin Beasley; Vice Chairman—Glenn Keeton; Secretary—Sarah Beasley Smith.