Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Northern California Regional
Sacred Harp Singing

Santa Cruz, California

August 20, 2000

The eighth annual Northern California Sacred Harp Singing Convention opened at 9:20 a.m. in the Senior Center Opportunities Building in Santa Cruz, California on the third Sunday in August.

The convention was called to order by Janet Herman leading song on page 31t. Chaplain John Brunk read from Ephesians 5:17-20 as part of the opening blessing.

Leaders: Shelley Phillips 30t; Tammy Heinsohn 479; Jerry Schreiber 203; Carla Smith 202; Greg Freemon 29b; Iona Singleton 474; Lorna Kohler 114; Jane Hancock 24b; Alice Sharp 180; Mark Miller 29t; Jeff O’Toole 68b; Janet Herman 475; Tammy Heinsohn 344; Jerry Schreiber 385b; Carla Smith 425; Chris Thorman 384.


Janet Herman brought the class back together leading song on page 47t. Leaders: Greg Freemon 163t; Arnold Zwicky 497, 287; Lorna Kohler 183; Paul Kostka 503b; Susan Fetcho 84; David Fetcho 59; Richard Rands 143; Janet Rands 106; Bob Brylawski 236, 461; Rachel Brylawski 178; Jane Hancock 383; Alice Sharp 163b.


The class resumed singing with Greg Freemon leading song on page 107. Leaders: Mark Miller 320; Dan Curtis 504; Iona Singleton 159; Janet Rands 164; Richard Rands 186; David Fetcho 267.

Carla Smith, Jane Hancock, and Celia Brown conducted the memorial service. Jane Hancock read the poem “Hummingbird Pauses at the Trumpet Vine” by Mary Oliver and “The Musician’s Prayer” to memorialize those who have died in the past year. Carla Smith led song on page 224 in memory of the following deceased: Marie Aldridge, Virgil Phillips, and Ruby Phillips—Alabama; Stanley Grams and Merion Stevens—California.

Celia Brown read Philippians 4:4 in remembrance of the sick and shut-ins: Noelle Hancock, Ray Schlabach, Peggy Belland, Harry Belland, Helen Meeks, and Barry Phillips. Celia Brown and Janet Herman led song on page 315 to close the memorial service.

The class resumed singing with Jerry Schreiber leading song on page 473. Leaders: Susan Fetcho 56b; Chris Thorman 270. Chaplain John Brunk read a blessing for lunch.


The class resumed singing with Shelley Phillips leading song on page 48t. Leaders: Carla Smith 151; Paul Kostka 198; Lorna Kohler 288; Arnold Zwicky 72b; Jerry Schreiber and Kathleen Eshen-Pipes 254; Jeff O’Toole 28b; Janet Herman 142; Mark Miller 201b; Shelley Phillips 455; David Fetcho and Shelley Phillips 172; Richard Rands 200; Greg Freemon 448t; Iona Singleton 122; Dan Curtis 569 (t? b?); Alice Sharp 155; Jane Hancock 87; Bob Brylawski 210; Carla Smith 260; Chris Thorman 179.


The class resumed singing with Shelley Phillips leading song on page 73t. Leaders: Barry Phillips 268; Mark Forrey 269; Paul Lawton 250; Heather requested 454 (led by Jerry Schreiber); Tammy Heinsohn 348 (t? b?); Susan Fetcho 81t; Jerry Schreiber 548; Mark Miller 347 and 66; Barry Phillips 86.

The Resolutions Report was given by Barbara Davis who expressed appreciation on behalf of the Santa Cruz Shape Note Society for the many good songs and friends who attended from near and far. Thanks to Mark Miller, Greg Freemon and Shelley Phillips for pitching the songs; and folks from Mars Recording Studio for capturing the sound. Barbara’s polling question of the day was “What is the position of Shape Note Music in society today?” The final answer she reported was: “It should be everywhere.”

Announcements were made. Shelley Phillips led song on page 173. Janet Herman led song on page 62 as the closing song, and Chaplain John Brunk dismissed the class with prayer.

Chair—Janet Herman; Treasurer—Shelley Phillips; Arranging Committee/Secretaries—Celia Brown, Daryl Dichek, and Tammy Heinsohn