Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

peace 50 occurrences, 43 verses, 40 songs

All, all will be peace when I’m with Thee at home.

161 Sweet Home

And dwell in peace at home?

390 New Prospect

And her watchmen publish peace.

117 Babylon Is Fallen

And in peace e’ermore abide.

494 Big Creek

And know eternal peace.

279 The Shepherd’s Flock

And make my peace with God

131t Messiah

And peace and goodwill to the nations abound.

160t War Department

And to the earth be peace

186 Sherburne

And waft me in peace to the shore.

449 Fatherland

And words of peace reveal!

195 Worcester

464 Sheppard

But all will be peace, joy, and love

564 Zion

But there’s a land of peace and rest

465 Where There’s No Trouble and Sorrow

For Thou hast given me sweet peace

493 Amanda Ray

Great peace and consolation.

207 Louisiana

Hail, the holy Prince of Peace!

81b Cookham

I’ve learned to sing the song of peace

530 A Glad New Song

We’ve found peace and pardon in Jesus’ blood.”

360 The Royal Band

He gave me glory, peace, and heav’n

204 Mission

I’ll go, for all His paths are peace.

53 Jerusalem

70b Save, Mighty Lord

Joy and peace in Christ I find

326 Weary Pilgrim

Leaves us at peace with God.

478 My Rising Sun

Let peace and love on earth abound

412 New Hosanna

Let peace surround the earth

152 Shepherds Rejoice

Lo! it glows with peace and joy.

532 Peace and Joy

May peace attend Thy gate

150 Amity

Peace He brings you by His death

108t Weeping Sinners

Peace He speaks with ev’ry breath

108t Weeping Sinners

Peace is the pillow for my head

566 Hebron

Peace is there that knows no measure

532 Peace and Joy

Peace on earth and mercy mild

81b Cookham

Peace, troubled soul, thou need not veer

429 Christian’s Delight

Scenes of sacred peace and pleasure

385b Can I Leave You?

Surrounded with mercy and peace from on high.

165 Family Bible

342 The Old-Fashioned Bible

Sweet bonds that unite all the children of peace

161 Sweet Home

That may joy and peace afford

70t Gainsville

The God of peace is there

101b Holy City

The man that seeks Thy peace

150 Amity

The streams where peace and pard’ning blood

569b Sacred Throne

The sweet comfort and peace

399b Happy Christian

’Tis life and health and peace.

88b Mount Zion

395 New Bethel

We sometimes long for peace and joy

564 Zion

Where all is peace and love.

206 Christian’s Hope

With blessings full of peace and love

530 A Glad New Song