Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

live 49 occurrences, 44 verses, 41 songs

And live as does a Christian

115 Edmonds

And live forevermore.

399t The Dying Friend

426b Jasper

And make me live to Thee.

475 A Thankful Heart

And now I live in Him.

75 I Would See Jesus

And shout, “Long live America.”

242 Ode on Science

And to Thy glory live or die.

448t Consecration

As in Thy sight to live

502 A Charge to Keep

Dying, and behold I live!

452 Martin

Dying sinners, look and live.

210 Lena

Eternally shall live.

85 The Morning Trumpet

410b Mutual Love

Give me the roses while I live

340 Odem

He’ll not live in glory and leave me behind

369 Send A Blessing

I am bound to live in the service of the Lord

80b Service of the Lord

I cannot live if Thou remove

147t Boylston

I need God’s blessings while I live

389 Fredericksburg

I shall live in endless day.

166 Still Better

I want to live a Christian here

406 New Harmony

I want to live for Jesus ev’ry day

548 Wootten

I want to work each day I live

568 I Want to Go to Heaven

I want your souls with Christ to live

215 New Topia

I wish your souls with Christ to live

37b Liverpool

In paradise live

369 Send A Blessing

It’s where He lives I want to live.

549 Phillips Farewell

Let a repenting rebel live:

73t Cusseta

Let’s live so in youth that we blush not in age.

136 Morality

Lord, we shall live with Thee

354b Happy Land

Oh, His blood was shed that we might live

480 Redemption

Say, “Live forever, glorious King

68t Salem

Shall live and sing His praise above

426b Jasper

Stoop down and drink and live!”

75 I Would See Jesus

Then I shall live in heav’n above

560 My Home

Though by begging used to live

56b Villulia

’Tis not the whole of life to live

499 At Rest

To live forevermore.

426b Jasper

To live through endless days

568 I Want to Go to Heaven

To live where joys are ever known.

505 Where Ceaseless Ages Roll

To live with Thee forever more.

539 Supplication

To seek Jehovah while you live

37t Ester

Turn to God, Oh turn and live

497 Natick

We’d rather sigh and groan than live.

50t Mortality

181 Exit

Who come to Christ may live.

64 Nashville

Who doth live and reign for ever

144 Jubilee

You that in wicked pleasures live

37t Ester

You who in sin and folly live

204 Mission