Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

let 149 occurrences, 124 verses, 104 songs

A throne of grace, then let us go

466 Haynes Creek

And in me let each virtue shine

205 Pleasant Hill

And let all fears from me depart.

539 Supplication

And let all tunes of pleasure sing

492 Invocation

And let His praise from ev’ry hill

538 Hampton

And let it faint or die

103 Animation

146 Hallelujah

And let me languish into life.

245 Claremont

And let our joys be known:

31b Webster

481 Novakoski

And let the celestial courts His praise repeat

223 Portuguese Hymn

And let the poor pilgrim go home.

275b Roll On

And let this feeble body fail

103 Animation

146 Hallelujah

And let us all be hast’ning home

460 Sardis

And let your joys be known

52t Albion

And let your wand’ring steps be spared

461 Shining Star

Awake, and let thy flowing strains

184 Enfield

But let me all Thy stamp receive

448t Consecration

But let me all Thy words obey.

448t Consecration

But let me find them all again

146 Hallelujah

383 Eternal Day

But let not their flatt’ry our prudence beguile.

136 Morality

But let them think and think again

406 New Harmony

But let us follow on.

201 Pilgrim

But shall I therefore let Him go

270 Confidence

Can you bear to let them go?

59 Holy Manna

Come and let us reason.

448b The Grieved Soul

Come, let us ascend! All may climb it who will

551 Jacob’s Vision

Come, let us join our friends above

285t Arnold

Come, let us join with one accord

283 Sabbath Morning

Come, let us raise our voices high

411 Morning Prayer

“Come let us seek our God today;”

150 Amity

Come, my soul and let us try

448b The Grieved Soul

Glory, glory, let us sing

412 New Hosanna

Great God, let all my tuneful pow’rs

434 Fillmore

Great God, let all Thy tuneful pow’r

426b Jasper

Heav’n, earth and hell draw near, Let all things come

151 Symphony

Let a repenting rebel live:

73t Cusseta

Let all repeat the universal Lord.

394 The Messiah’s Praise

Let’s all repent the sins we’ve done

98 Dull Care

Let all the nations know

40 Lenox

Let all the saints terrest’rial sing

285t Arnold

Let all who would wish to see Millennium begin

130 Millennium

Let angels prostrate fall

63 Coronation

198 Green Street

314 Cleburne

485 New Agatite

Let cares, like a wild deluge, come

43 Primrose Hill

114 Saint’s Delight

Let’s covet those charms that shall never decay

136 Morality

Let deep repentance, faith, and love

205 Pleasant Hill

Let’s drive all care away.

98 Dull Care

Let evening blush to own a star

32t Corinth

Let ev’ry creature join

182 Newburgh

Let every heart prepare a throne

441 Raymond

Let ev’ry land their tongues employ

228 Marlborough

Let ev’ry mortal ear attend

295 Odem

Let faith exalt her joyful voice

562 Infinite Delight

Let floods of penitential grief

33t Weeping Savior

Let gentle patience smile on pain

32b Distress

Let heav’n and earth proclaim

485 New Agatite

Let heav’n begin below.

312t Sing to Me of Heaven

Let’s live so in youth that we blush not in age.

136 Morality

Let me a sharer be.”

44 The Converted Thief

Let me to Thy bosom fly

452 Martin

Let midnight be ashamed of noon

32t Corinth

Let millions invade us, we’ll meet them undaunted

346 The American Star

Let mine eyes behold the day;”

56b Villulia

Let music charm me last on earth

312t Sing to Me of Heaven

Let my religious hours alone

280 Westford

Let my whole heart with rapture glow

316 New Hope

Let no other trust intrude.

81t Beach Spring

Let not conscience make you linger

81t Beach Spring

Let not this grieve your heart

570 Farewell to All

Let nothing cause you to delay

213t The Good Old Way

Let one sweet song begin

312t Sing to Me of Heaven

Let peace and love on earth abound

412 New Hosanna

Let peace surround the earth

152 Shepherds Rejoice

Let persecution rage around

83b The Dying Minister

348t Ainslie

570 Farewell to All

Let sinners take their course

203 Florida

Let storms of sorrow fall

43 Primrose Hill

114 Saint’s Delight

Let that grace, Lord, like a fetter

145t Warrenton

333 Family Circle

Let the Creator’s praise arise

192 Schenectady

377 Eternal Praise

Let the heav’ns rejoice

234 Reverential Anthem

Let the high heav’ns your songs invite

479 Chester

Let the Redeemer’s name be sung

192 Schenectady

276 Bridgewater

377 Eternal Praise

Let the Redeemer’s praise arise:

276 Bridgewater

Let the sweet hope that Thou art mine

475 A Thankful Heart

Let the time of joy return

70t Gainsville

Let the words of my mouth

518 Heavenly Anthem

Let the world despise and leave me

370 Monroe

Let those refuse to sing

31b Webster

52t Albion

481 Novakoski

Let Thy Spirit now impart

70t Gainsville

Let us all rejoice in Thee.

50b Humility

70t Gainsville

Let us all then with angels sing

81b Cookham

Let us love and pray for sinners

59 Holy Manna

Let us love each other, too

59 Holy Manna

Let us love our God supremely

59 Holy Manna

Let us now our day improve

523 Pleyel’s Hymn

Let us run our race with patience

144 Jubilee

Let us share Thy favor now.

477 Lord, We Adore Thee

Let us sing, sweetly sing

46 Let Us Sing

Lord, I cannot let Thee go

74b King of Peace

Lord, let not all my hopes be vain

38b Windham

Loud let His praises ring

354b Happy Land

Nor let me fall, I pray.

96 Few Happy Matches

Nor let me in my sins expire!

48b Kedron

Nor let my hope be lost.

73b Arlington

74t The Enquirer

483 Eternal Light

Nor let Thy Zion be forgot

49b Mear

Now let each one cease from sinning

144 Jubilee

Now, let our works and virtue show

488 As We Go On

Oh come, and let us worship at His feet.

223 Portuguese Hymn

Oh come, loud anthems let us sing

49t Old Hundred

Oh let me feel Thee near

131t Messiah

Oh, let not the phantom wishes engage

136 Morality

Oh, let Thy mercy fill my heart

539 Supplication

Oh, let Thy thought and praise arise

539 Supplication

Oh then let us join together

144 Jubilee

On me let streams of mercy roll

93 Frozen Heart

Our cheerful voices let us raise

521 Parting Friends

Salvation! Let the echo fly

47t Primrose

Sisters, let your prayers abound

59 Holy Manna

So let Thy pard’ning love be found.

73t Cusseta

Speak and let the worst be known?

448b The Grieved Soul

Then let me nothing love

39t Detroit

Then let our songs abound

313t Concord

481 Novakoski

565 The Hill of Zion

Then let us in His name sing on

283 Sabbath Morning

Then let us praise Him

355 Anthem on the Savior

Then let your songs abound

220 Mount Zion

Thy pard’ning voice, oh, let me hear

96 Few Happy Matches

Wrestling, I will not let Thee go

95 Vernon