Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

join 35 occurrences, 30 verses, 33 songs

And join that great harmon’ous choir

373 Homeward Bound

And join the anthems in the skies

378b Never Turn Back

And join the sacred song.

569t Emmaus

And join with one accord

157 Essay

And there with saints and angels join

568 I Want to Go to Heaven

And we’ll join heart and hands for Canaan.

333 Family Circle

Brethren, join your cries to help them

59 Holy Manna

Come join in and help me to sing

376 Help Me to Sing

Come, join the angels in the sky

412 New Hosanna

Come, join us in our holy aim

334 Oh Come Away

Come, let us join our friends above

285t Arnold

Come, let us join with one accord

283 Sabbath Morning

I hope to join the heav’nly host

61 Sweet Rivers

I long to dwell and eternally join in the song

496 The Rock That is Higher Than I

I’ll join with those who’ve gone before

87 Sweet Canaan

134 The Christian’s Hope

In equal friendship join.

98 Dull Care

Join in a song with sweet accord

31b Webster

52t Albion

481 Novakoski

Join, join, children of sadness

323b Soft Music

Join the universal chorus

210 Lena

Let ev’ry creature join

182 Newburgh

Oh then let us join together

144 Jubilee

Shall join the disembodied saints

103 Animation

146 Hallelujah

Sisters, will you join and help us?

59 Holy Manna

There shall we join, and never tire

138b Ogletree

Thou no more wilt join our number

118 Stockwood

To join that great celestial band

488 As We Go On

We’ll join the everlasting song

63 Coronation

We’ll join with those gone on before, Hallelujah.

400 Struggle On

While millions join the theme

159 Wondrous Love

Whose hearts in sweetest union join

62 Parting Hand