Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

below 39 occurrences, 27 verses, 36 songs

All I desired and wished below

48t Devotion

556 Portland

All our sorrows left below

131b Invocation

I’m a long time trav’ling here below

288 White

I’m but a sojourner below

86 Poland

And fiery billows roll below.

183 Greenwich

193 Huntington

And wander a pilgrim, despised below.

125 Expression

But God, who called me here below

45t New Britain

105 Jewett

But I descend to worlds below

174 Petersburg

Farewell, farewell to all below

271t Arkansas

From all below, and all above

538 Hampton

From all that dwell below the skies

192 Schenectady

276 Bridgewater

377 Eternal Praise

From his home below to his home in heav’n.

41 Home in Heaven

Gladly leaving all below

405 The Marcellas

Glory begun below

52t Albion

313t Concord

His Word will guide you here below

399t The Dying Friend

I am a stranger here below

317 Jackson

I have my troubles here below

465 Where There’s No Trouble and Sorrow

I’ll bid farewell to all below

286 Heavenly Home

387 Penick

Let heav’n begin below.

312t Sing to Me of Heaven

My pilot here below

101t Canaan’s Land

Of mortals here below.

205 Pleasant Hill

To cheer the plains below

200 Edom

301 Greenland

304 Morgan

528 Showers of Blessings

’Twas a heaven below

399b Happy Christian

We have our troubles here below

206 Christian’s Hope

While trav’ling through the world below

286 Heavenly Home

387 Penick

Who spoiled the pow’rs below

101b Holy City

Will be our God while here below

28t Aylesbury