Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

angels 52 occurrences, 44 verses, 49 songs

A voice as of angels enchantingly sung

358 Murillo’s Lesson

And all the angels bid them come

421 Sweet Morning

And go where saints and angels dwell

134 The Christian’s Hope

And praising and blessings, with angels on high

496 The Rock That is Higher Than I

And the angels could do nothing more

399b Happy Christian

And the angels stand inviting

92 Burk

And there with saints and angels join

568 I Want to Go to Heaven

Angels in shining order stand

196 Alabama

Angels rolled the rock away

415 Easter Morn

Ashamed of Thee whom angels praise

32t Corinth

Bright angels are from glory come

122 All Is Well

Bright angels shall convey me home

282 I’m Going Home

Bring them, ye angels, from their distant lands.

151 Symphony

Come, join the angels in the sky

412 New Hosanna

For the angels of Jacob are guarding it still.

551 Jacob’s Vision

Hark! the Herald angels sing

81b Cookham

Hark! they whisper; angels say

245 Claremont

I soon shall sing with the angels’ band

548 Wootten

I want to see bright angels stand

406 New Harmony

If angels sung a Savior’s birth

273 Milford

Jesus, the God whom angels fear

152 Shepherds Rejoice

306 Oxford

Let angels prostrate fall

63 Coronation

198 Green Street

314 Cleburne

485 New Agatite

Let us all then with angels sing

81b Cookham

Mighty hosts of the angels that wait on the Lord.

149 The Trumpet

My angels guard us while we sleep

302 Logan

Never did angels taste above

280 Westford

None richer possessed by the angels above

125 Expression

See how the angels wing their way

412 New Hosanna

Shout His almighty name, ye choirs of angels

223 Portuguese Hymn

Sing a sweet song such as angels may have

339 When I Am Gone

Sweet angels beckon me away

80b Service of the Lord

176t Ragan

274t The Golden Harp

278b Traveling Pilgrim

282 I’m Going Home

Ten thousand angels filled the sky

269 Bear Creek

The angels in glory repeat the glad story

360 The Royal Band

The angels owe their bliss

147t Boylston

The angels stand ready and waiting

338 Sawyer’s Exit

The wond’ring angels see

33t Weeping Savior

To sing above, as angels do

266 Kingwood

To sing His praise where angels sing

549 Phillips Farewell

When angels beckon me away

308 Parting Friends

Where seraphs and angels repeat the glad story

342 The Old-Fashioned Bible

While all the angels sing.

420 Bishop

While angels strain their noble pow’rs

351 Pittsford

While well-appointed angels keep

566 Hebron

With such as angels eat.

180 Vermont