Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

Hallelujah 104 occurrences, 32 verses, 27 songs

All shout glory hallelujah.

105 Jewett

And her captain, Judah’s Lion, hallelujah.

388 The Happy Sailor

And I’ll sing hallelujah

146 Hallelujah

And loud her hallelujah sings

329 Vain World Adieu

And sing hallelujah the louder

338 Sawyer’s Exit

And we’ll all sing hallelujah

146 Hallelujah

And you’ll sing hallelujah

146 Hallelujah

Glory, Hallelujah!

277 Antioch

324 North Port


275t Loving Kindness

311 Silver Street

331 Jester

415 Easter Morn

Hallelujah, and did He rise? did He rise?

236 Easter Anthem

Hallelujah, Hallelujah

145b Sweet Affliction

Hallelujah, Lord

274b Roll Jordan

Hallelujah, praise the Lord!

145t Warrenton

145b Sweet Affliction

Hallelujah then to our God

55 Sister’s Farewell

I belong to this band, hallelujah.

176t Ragan

Of Jesus Christ, the bleeding Lamb, Hallelujah.

400 Struggle On

Oh, glory hallelujah.

79 The Old Ship of Zion

388 The Happy Sailor

424 Sweet Union

Oh hallelujah.

213t The Good Old Way

345t Jesus Is My Friend

Oh who is like Jesus? hallelujah

375 Love the Lord

Our praying time will soon be o’er, Hallelujah

400 Struggle On

She’s the old ship of Zion, hallelu!

388 The Happy Sailor

Shout glory, hallelujah.

319 Religion Is a Fortune

Shout, Oh glory! Sing glory, hallelujah!

80t Shouting Song

Struggle on, for the work’s most done, Hallelujah.

400 Struggle On

Struggle on, struggle on, Hallelujah

400 Struggle On

The Lord is ris’n indeed! Hallelujah!

236 Easter Anthem

There’s none like Jesus, hallelujah

375 Love the Lord

They rise, all shouting, “Hallelujah!”

102 Fulfillment

Till the warfare is over, hallelujah.

76b Desire For Piety

’Tis the old ship of Zion, hallelujah.

79 The Old Ship of Zion

To love and bless and praise the same, Hallelujah

400 Struggle On

We’ll join with those gone on before, Hallelujah.

400 Struggle On