Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

First Lines: O

Oh come, come away334 Oh Come Away
Oh come, loud anthems let us sing49t Old Hundred
Oh, could I speak the matchless worth396 Notes Almost Divine
Oh for a breeze of heav’nly love101t Canaan’s Land
Oh for a closer walk with God27 Bethel
Oh, for a heart to praise my God328 Praise God
422 Burdette
Oh for a shout of sacred joy228 Marlborough
Oh for a thousand tongues to sing88b Mount Zion
350 Nativity
395 New Bethel
Oh, how charming225b Christmas Anthem
Oh, how happy are they399b Happy Christian
Oh, if my Lord should come and meet380 Lawrenceburg
Oh, if my Lord would come and meet444 All Saints New
Oh, if my soul was formed for woe214 Repentance
Oh, Jesus, my Savior, I know Thou art mine125 Expression
Oh land of rest, for thee I sigh285b Land of Rest
390 New Prospect
Oh! may I worthy prove to see170 Exhilaration
Oh may our humble spirits stand562 Infinite Delight
Oh, once I had a glorious view67 Columbus
Oh, Resurrection Day!498 The Resurrection Day
Oh ring the bells of heaven high438 The Marriage in the Skies
Oh, sing to me of heav’n312t Sing to Me of Heaven
Oh! sing with me of social spheres374 Oh, Sing With Me!
Oh, tell me no more369 Send A Blessing
Oh that I could repent!535 Shawmut
Oh, that I knew the secret place476 The Throne of Grace
Oh, the delights, the heav’nly joys362 Norwich
536 Sweet Majesty
Oh, the transporting, rapturous scene433 McKay
Oh what are all my suff’rings here383 Eternal Day
Oh when shall I see Jesus82t Bound For Canaan
410b Mutual Love
85 The Morning Trumpet
106 Ecstasy
319 Religion Is a Fortune
Oh, when will the period appear384 Panting For Heaven
Oh who will come and go with me?87 Sweet Canaan
97 We’ll Soon Be There
111t Journey Home
345b I’m On My Journey Home
Oh, why should I wander a stranger from Thee571 Penitence
Oh yes, my Savior I will trust343 Happy Home
On Jordan’s stormy banks I stand51 My Home
65 Sweet Prospect
128 The Promised Land
378t Heavenly Port
439 Jordan
442 New Jordan
Our bondage it shall end35 Saints Bound For Heaven
Our cheerful voices let us raise521 Parting Friends
Our Father’s gone to that bright land420 Bishop
Our God, our help in ages past336 Eternal Home
Our praying time will soon be o’er, Hallelujah400 Struggle On