Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

First Lines: W

Wake, all ye soaring throngs, and sing172 Harmony
Wake, Oh my soul, and hail the morn412 New Hosanna
We are told there is a home560 My Home
We have our troubles here below206 Christian’s Hope
We thank the Lord of heav’n and earth318 Present Joys
Weary soldiers of the cross, seek rest494 Big Creek
Weeping sinners, dry your tears108t Weeping Sinners
Welcome, sweet day of rest467 Lisbon
Well may Thy servants mourn, my God89 The Church’s Desolation
What is there here to court my stay308 Parting Friends
What poor, despised company229 Irwinton
What’s this that in my soul is rising?337 Mercy’s Free
What’s this that steals upon my frame?122 All Is Well
What shall I do, shall I lay down462 Faith and Hope
What shall I render to my God298 Providence
What ship is this that will take us all home79 The Old Ship of Zion
What solemn sound the ear invades110 Mount Vernon
What wondrous love is this!159 Wondrous Love
When Adam was created115 Edmonds
When for eternal worlds we steer329 Vain World Adieu
When God revealed His gracious name297 Conversion
When I can read my title clear114 Saint’s Delight
293 Akers
36b Ninety-Fifth
43 Primrose Hill
When I survey the wondrous cross447 Wondrous Cross
When Noah with his favored few506 The Ark
When the midnight cry began495 The Midnight Cry
When the sun, or the light512 The Spirit Shall Return
When Thou, my righteous Judge, shall come96 Few Happy Matches
When through the torn sail the wild tempest is streaming224 Save, Lord, or We Perish
When to that blessed world I rise378b Never Turn Back
When we our wearied limbs to rest504 Wood Street
Where are the Hebrew children?133 Hebrew Children
Where nothing dwelt but beasts of prey211 Whitestown
Where prophet’s word and martyr’s blood573 Harpeth Valley
While beauty and youth are in their full prime136 Morality
While in the army I remain487 Soldier’s Delight
While in this vale of sorrow83t Vale of Sorrow
While shepherds watched their flocks by night186 Sherburne
461 Shining Star
While Thee I seek, protecting Pow’r143 Pleyel’s Hymn
While trav’ling down life’s weary road564 Zion
While trav’ling through the world below286 Heavenly Home
387 Penick
Why do we mourn departing friends163b China
“Why, Oh sinner, me profaning, why,”263 Doddridge
Why should our tears in sorrow flow541 Home of the Blest
Why should we at our lot complain98 Dull Care
Why should we start and fear to die?30b Prospect
111b To Die No More
275b Roll On
Will God forever cast us off?49b Mear
With songs and honors sounding loud200 Edom
301 Greenland
304 Morgan
528 Showers of Blessings
Within Thy circling pow’r I stand315 Immensity
472 Akin
Wonderful things of men are said340 Odem