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Seed and Feed Sacred Harp Singing

Emory Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, Georgia

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The 40th annual Seed and Feed Singing was called to order by Lisa Bennett leading 59. Debora Grosse offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Lisa Bennett 32t; David Brodeur 145t, 145b; Laura Akerman 278b, 452; Kelly Morris 49b; Debora Grosse 171; Andy Ditzler 332; Malinda Snow 28b; Winfred Kerr 36b; Rebecca Over 560; Andy Morse 183; Cary Cleaver 268; Richmond Stubbs 35.

A business session was held and the following officers elected: Chairman—David Brodeur; Vice Chairman—Jim Neal; Secretary—Laura Akerman.

Leaders: Sandra Wilkinson 47t; Tony Hammock 42; Skeet Surrency 209; Karen Morris 155; Eric Tweedy 182; Joan Durdin, Anton Ge, and Ivan Ge 114.


The class was brought to order by Jim Neal leading 113. Leaders: Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 213t; Jerusha Wheeler 270; John Whittemore 273; Elizabeth Gentry 127; Isaac Green 436; Dalton Lewis 472; Virginia Dyer 217.

A memorial lesson was held. Lisa Bennett spoke for the sick and shut-ins including Ben Price, Melanie Hauff, Michael Appert, Terry Warley, Andy Anderson, and Donna Bell.

Rebecca Over spoke for the deceased including Earlis McGraw, B.M. Smith, Geneva Prichard, Curtis Hamrick, and Virginia “Ginny” Slack—Georgia; Janelle Davis—Illinois; Tony Conrad—New York; Fred Ralph Kotter—Utah; Hester Edwards and Toney Smith—Alabama; David Hokanson—Florida and Georgia; Roz Graves—Florida; and Betty Jo Bennett—South Carolina. Lisa Bennett and Rebecca Over led 340 for all those remembered. The lesson was closed with prayer offered by Malinda Snow.

Kelly Morris made remarks on the 40th anniversary of this singing (the 41st singing, as research shows two singings in one year) from its origins at the Seed and Feed Theatre, with members introduced to Sacred Harp by Larry Gordon and the Word of Mouth Chorus, and a visit to the Georgia State convention, followed by a singing school taught by Hugh McGraw and a singing at the theatre’s Atlanta home, a former bottling plant. The first Chairman, Henry Slack, then led 300.

Leaders: Caran Bramlette 480; Daniel Williams 523; David Smead 405; Summer Gotschall and Lisa Bennett 503.


David Brodeur brought the class to order by leading 72t. Leaders: John Plunkett 144; Dan Hovsepian 535; Malinda Snow 191; Eric Tweedy 442; Caran Bramlette 40; Henry Slack 181; Mary Ann “Peaches” Dunlap Sansom 236; Sandra Wilkinson 311; Andy Ditzler 400; Jerusha Wheeler 290; George Burnette, III 101t; Laura Akerman 240; Jim Neal 389; Daniel Williams 74t; Karen Morris 430; John Whittemore 186; Rose Yntema 501; David Smead 378t; Elizabeth Gentry 361; Tony Hammock 70b; Lauren Bock 432; Lauren Bock and Isaac Green 434; Rebecca Over and Winfred Kerr 500; Skeet Surrency 176t; Summer Gotschall and Lisa Bennett 384; Cary Cleaver 65; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 88t; Andy Morse 542; Dan Hovsepian 385b; Kelly Morris 47b.

David Brodeur led 347 as the closing song. Malinda Snow offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—David Brodeur; Vice Chairman—Jim Neal; Secretary—Laura Akerman