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Emory Sacred Harp Singing

Cannon Chapel, Emory University

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The annual Emory Sacred Harp Singing was held at Cannon Chapel on the Emory University campus in Atlanta, Georgia, on Saturday before the third Sunday in February. Before the singing began, Jesse P. Karlsberg gave a lecture on the historical context and reception of the Original Sacred Harp, edited in 1911 by Joseph Stephen James, to mark the publication of the new Original Sacred Harp, Centennial Edition. The lecture and first hour of singing, which featured Original Sacred Harp: Centennial Edition, was a joint session of the Emory Singing and the Society for Christian Scholarship in Music. Lauren Bock led 59 (JB) to bring the class to order. John Hollingsworth offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Megan Friddle 37b (JB); David Brodeur 47b (JB); Amy Wells 82t (JB); Robert Kelley 486 (JB); Jeannette DePoy 519 (JB); Karen Rollins 524 (JB); David Ivey 25 (JB); Phillip Langley 528 (JB); Wyatt Denney 42 (JB); Jesse P. Karlsberg, Joanna Smolko, and Joshua Waggener 155 (JB); Jesse P. Karlsberg, Allen Tullos, and Danielle Pitrone 508 (JB).


Lauren Bock and Megan Friddle brought the class back to order by leading 40 (JB). A business session was held and the following officers were elected: Chairman—Megan Friddle; Vice Chairman—Phillip Langley; Secretary—Laura Akerman.

Leaders: Laura Akerman 303t (JB); John Plunkett 538 (JB); David Smead 433b (JB); Lela Crowder 545 (JB); Andy Morse 422t (JB); Phillip Denney 448t (JB); Robert Kelley 177 (JB); Bill Hollingsworth 32b (JB); J.R. Hardman and Mary Brownlee 238A (JB), Erin Fulton 114b (JB); John Hollingsworth 496 (JB).

The remainder of the singing featured The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition. Leaders: Sandra Wilkinson 111t; Malinda Snow 527; Anders Wells 89; Joanna Nicovich and David Ivey 159; Holly Mixon and Kerala Morehouse 142; Mike Spencer 191; Jerusha Wheeler 192; Ann Riley Gray 178; Susan Firestone 551. Matt Hinton offered the blessing before the noon meal.


The class resumed singing with Megan Friddle and Phillip Langley leading 107. Leaders: Erin Johnson-Hill 99; Bob Goodman 145b; Debora Grosse 110; Dave Farmer 147t; Lisa Bennett 547; Jim Neal 339; Oscar McGuire 163b; Caelyn Treacy 34b; Eli Hinton 146; Rosemarie Yntema 209; Erica Hinton 391; Scott DePoy 67; Charlene Wallace, Sam Lawrence, and Megan Friddle 283; Michael Spencer 420; Matt Hinton 432; Jason Stanford 568; David Ivey 90; Holly Mixon 182; Karen Rollins 171; Wyatt Denney 215; Mary Brownlee 556.


Phillip Langley brought the class back to order leading 172. Leaders: Ann Riley Gray 288; Erin Fulton 375; Erin Johnson-Hill 287; David Smead and Lisa Bennett 560; J.R. Hardman and Debora Grosse 129; David Brodeur and Anders Wells 383; Susan Firestone and Malinda Snow 540; Rosemarie Yntema and Joanna Nicovich 228.

Megan Friddle led 347 as the closing song. John Plunkett offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Megan Friddle; Vice Chairman—Phillip Langley; Secretary—Laura Akerman