Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Hopewell Primitive Baptist Church

Roopville, Georgia

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The annual Sacred Harp singing at Hopewell Primitive Baptist Church in Roopville, Georgia, was held on the third Sunday in June. The class was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Karen Rollins leading 32t and 36b. The opening prayer was offered by Mike Hinton.

The following officers were elected: Chairman—Karen Rollins; Vice Chairman—Phillip Denney; Arranging Officer/Secretary—Judy Chambless.

Karen Rollins gave a brief history of the church, and Denney Rogers gave the financial report for the church. Leaders: Phillip Denney 535; Judy Chambless 313t; Matt Hinton 317; B.M. Smith 141; Leigh Cooper 129; Robert Chambless 145b; Scott DePoy 48t; Nathan Rees 82b; Margie Smith 225t; Jeannette DePoy 387; Mark Godfrey 37b; David Brodeur 456; Erica Hinton 212; Joe Vickers 171; Ted Brown 81t; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 337; Margaret Gillanders 354t; Mike Hinton 339; Helen Brown 61; Richard Mauldin 235.


The children of Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Rogers brought the class back to order leading 45t and 343. Leaders: Lauren Bock 153; Karil Askin, Kasey Askin, and Phillip Denney 87; Joan Denney and Sharon Denney 339; Randa Harris, Beverly Thompson, Jade Thompson, Barry Rollins, Kalya McWhorter, and Susan Rice 59.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Paige Harrod and Ted Brown. Ted Brown led 566 for the following deceased: Bud Oliver, Gertrude DeLong, Violet Thomason, Franklin Rogers, Carlton Crenshaw, Ila Crenshaw, Daisy Neely, Herschel Parmer, Johney Kelso, Nancy Yeager, Estell Wynn, Dan Poe, Webster Denney, Ruth Denney, Leona Haynes, Myrtle Ann Beasley, Gwen Meadows, Nancy McCormick, Mrs. Wayne Kelly, and Posey McLeod.

Matt Hinton led 340 for the following sick and shut-ins: C.T. Williams, Sammie Oliver, S.T. Reed, Lessie Reed, Jeff Sheppard, Shelbie Sheppard, Josephine Denney, Jane Hoey, Terry Maher, Lois Bowman, Geneva Prichard, Josie Hyde, Stella Pratt, and Joel Rogers. Cecil Roberts closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: John Plunkett 136; Jessica Harris 457; Melinda Snow 527; Cecil Roberts 312b; Oscar McGuire and Katie McGuire 515, 47b; John Kelso 376; Lela Crowder 39b; Phillip Langley 110; Sheri Taylor 142; Charlene Wallace 155 (for Carlene Griffin); Eli Hinton 77t.


Phillip Denney brought the class back to order leading 178. Leaders: Marilyn Bradley 421; Louise Holland 86; Ted Brown 68b; Margaret Gillanders 556; Joe Vickers 58; Helen Brown 373 (in memory of Amanda Denson); Mike Hinton 400; Richard Mauldin 358; Nathan Rees 449; Oscar McGuire 485; David Brodeur 454; Lela Crowder 186; Scott DePoy and Jeannette DePoy 440; Leigh Cooper and Mark Godfrey 168; Jesse Karlsberg and Lauren Bock 413; Matt Hinton and Erica Hinton 389.

Following announcements, Karen Rollins and Phillip Denney led 46 as the closing song. Nathan Rees offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Karen Rollins; Vice Chairman—Phillip Denney; Secretary—Judy Chambless