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Union Musical Sacred Harp Singing Convention

Hardeman Primitive Baptist Church, Decatur, Georgia

September 29-30, 2012

Saturday, September 29

The 144th session of the Union Musical Sacred Harp Singing Convention was hosted by Camp Creek Primitive Baptist Church and held at Hardeman Primitive Baptist Church, Decatur, Georgia, on the fifth Sunday and Saturday before in September. The class was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by John Plunkett leading 52t. The opening prayer was offered by Tony Hammock. John Plunkett led 59.

Jesse P. Karlsberg directed the introductory lesson leading songs on pages 313b, 285b, 332, 31t, 378b, 403, 375, and 240.

Leaders: Jeannette DePoy 101t; Helen Bryson 100; Leigh Cooper 56t; Mark Godfrey 37t; Darrell Swarens 111b (in memory of Harrison Creel); Oscar McGuire 34b; Tony Hammock 83b; Amy Armstrong 84; David Brodeur 171; Jesse Roberts 216; Faye Hollis 340; B.M. Smith 389; Erica Hinton 314.


Jeannette DePoy and Holly Mixon called the class to order leading 99.

A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Jeannette DePoy; Vice Chairman—Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg; Secretary/Treasurer—Helen Bryson; Arranging Committee—John Plunkett and Erica Hinton; Memorial Committee—Chris Brown and Sandra Wilkinson; Finance Committee—Holly Mixon and Matt Hinton; Resolutions Committee—Judy Whiting and Tony Hammock; Chaplain—Matt Hinton. John Plunkett observed that the dates for next year’s convention are in conflict with the Young People’s Singing, Lacy Memorial Singing, and others. Discussion about possible options followed. Next year is Ebenezer’s turn to host the convention. Jesse Roberts and John Plunkett will communicate with Janice Paulk who will communicate with church members and DeLong family members about options. Convention officers will make the final decision regarding possible change of venue and dates. This issue should be resolved prior to minutes being printed.

Leaders: Jeannette DePoy 129 (for Cathy White); Martha Ann Stegar 63; Micah Roberts 159; Robert Chambless 354b; Charles Woods 349; Henry Johnson 289; Matt Hinton and Emory students 47b; Judy Chambless 501; Judy Whiting 150; Holly Mixon 182; Chris Brown 183; Sandra Wilkinson 75; Eli Hinton 268.


Jesse Karlsberg called the class to order leading 45t. Leaders: Micah Roberts 481; Oscar McGuire 485; Sandra Wilkinson 176t; Darrell Swarens 472; Helen Bryson 546; Judy Whiting 432; John Plunkett 353; Holly Mixon 142; Matt Hinton and Jessica (visitor) 203; Chris Brown 362; Jesse Roberts 532; Laura Akerman 543; B.M. Smith 454; Mark Godfrey 277; David Brodeur 456; Amy Armstrong 215; Judy Chambless 540; Henry Johnson 288; Robert Chambless 68b; Leigh Cooper and Cecil Cooper 176t; Faye Hollis 168; Martha Ann Stegar 155; Tony Hammock 69t.


Jeannette DePoy called the class to order leading 89. Leaders: Chris Brown 229; Erica Hinton 102; Judy Whiting 187; Darrell Swarens 228; Laura Akerman 390; Oscar McGuire 344; B.M. Smith 138t, 441; Faye Hollis 276.

Announcements were made. Jeannette DePoy led 323t as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Tony Hammock.

Sunday, September 30

The Sunday session of the Union Musical Sacred Harp Singing Convention was called to order by Jeannette DePoy leading 60. Matt Hinton offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Jeannette DePoy 36b; Jesse Karlsberg 48t, 134; Helen Bryson 77t, 227; Holly Mixon 182, 196; Chris Brown 28b, 319; John Plunkett 89, 207; Sandra Wilkinson 311, 473; Matt Hinton 174, 120; Judy Whiting 28t, 273; Erica Hinton 176b, 391; Tony Hammock 430, 303; Judy Chambless 549, 527; Judy Mincey 176t, 301.


Jesse Karlsberg and a group of Emory students called the class to order by leading 57. Leaders: Eric Tweedy 58, 200; Malinda Snow 96, 138b; John Hollingsworth 186, 291; Hayden Arp 393, 395; Lauren Bock 230, 297 (for Karen Rollins).

The memorial lesson was conducted by Sandra Wilkinson and Chris Brown. Chris Brown led 47t for the following sick and shut-ins: Violet Thomason, Cathy White, Reuben Ball, Carlene Griffin, Gertrude DeLong, Tony Parkinson, Cath Tyler, Curtis Owen, Don Walker, Charlotte Walker, Bea Gilmore, Chris Sugden, George Wheeler, Alan Jackson, Jim Helke, Dale Bruner, Jeff Sheppard, Shelbie Sheppard, Ellie Soler, and Raymond Hamrick.

Sandra Wilkinson led 285t for the following deceased: Dorothy Garrison, James Tolbert, Lonnie Rogers, Sally McEwen, Benny Leavelle—Georgia; M. Harrison Creel, Pauline Griggs, Myrtle Chambless—Alabama; Dr. Julietta Haynes—Tennessee; Ruth Johnson—Florida; Gordon Corrick, Joe Reynolds, Brenda Grimshaw, Harold Newell, and Malcolm Robertson—United Kingdom; Nellie Davis—Mississippi; Joan Fulle—Indiana. Matt Hinton closed the memorial lesson with prayer.


Jesse Karlsberg called the class to order leading 421. Leaders: Leigh Cooper 59, 441; Bill Hollingsworth 489, 180; Mary Brownlee 556, 183; Darrell Swarens 31t, 72b; David Brodeur 217, 283; Carol Hanson 171, 46; Nathan Rees 37t, 234; Laura Akerman 235, 347; Russ Hanson 163t, 270; Alice West 73t, 515.


Jeannette DePoy and Nathan Rees called the class to order leading 384.

Leaders: Oscar McGuire 336, 327; B.M. Smith 111b, 475; Anna Hinton 40; Eli Hinton 472; Micah Roberts 480, 178; Jesse Roberts 461, 380.

The convention entered into a business session for the purpose of hearing reports. The Resolutions committee reported the following: Thank you to Hardeman Primitive Baptist Church for graciously hosting the 144th session of the Union Musical Sacred Harp Singing Convention for Camp Creek Church; thank you to all who provided the delicious food on both days; thank you to the committees and officers for their work in keeping the convention going; and thank you to all the singers for traveling to sing together. We hope to meet again in 2013 for the 145th session at a date and location to be determined. The finance committee reported that convention expenses have been met. The reports were approved and the business session was closed.

Announcements were made. Jeannette DePoy and Jesse Karlsberg led 56t as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Matt Hinton.

Chairman—Jeannette DePoy; Vice Chairman—Jesse P. Karlsberg; Secretary—Helen Bryson