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West Yorkshire Sacred Harp Day

Haworth Methodist Church, Haworth,
West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The 6th annual West Yorkshire Sacred Harp Day was held at Haworth Methodist Church, in the United Kingdom, on Saturday before the third Sunday in November. Judy Whiting began the day by leading 47t. John Hopkinson offered an opening prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairmen—Chris Brown and Judy Whiting; Secretaries—Maria Wallace and Cherri Graebe.

Jesse Karlsberg taught a singing school. The class sang 318 and 49b.


Chris Brown called the class to order leading 159. Leaders: Sharon Langridge 99; Ted Brown 81t; Helen Brown 77t; Maria Wallace 178 (for Pat Emmerson and Paul Emmerson); Jesse Karlsberg 57; Michael Walker 306; Ruth Steggles 86; Benny Ross 66; Sally Greaves-Lord 36b; Phil Tyler 542; Cath Tyler 163t; Carmel Wood 274t; Chris Brown 127; Hannah Land 228; Alice Metherall 268; Helen Barber 163b; Helen Brown 560; Sharon Langridge 148; Michael Walker 73t; Ted Brown 75; Sally Greaves-Lord 335; Judy Whiting 186 (for Lynn Cousins). Rev. Alice Nunn gave thanks for the noon meal.


Hannah Land called the class back to order leading 312b. Leaders: Sarah Pinney 504; Jesse Karlsberg 189; Ruth Steggles 454; Carmel Wood 456; Benny Ross 142; Helen Barber 64; Cath Tyler 250; Alice Metherall 198; Sally Greaves-Lord 503.

Chris Brown conducted the memorial lesson and led 45t in memory of the following deceased: Lee Rogers, Angela Lee, Ian Dunmur, Pat Tracey, Judy Tieger, Lorna Knox, Pauline Childers, Amanda Denson, Sara Bernstone, and Brian Cheetham.

Sharon Langridge spoke for the sick and housebound and led 30t for the following: Jean Cousins, Mary Germaine, Mary Lambert Smith, Eugene Forbes, Stanley Shaw, Ann Cox, Jim Oss, and Mary Oss.

Leaders: Sarah Pinney 481; Phil Tyler 442; Helen Brown 436; Judy Whiting 350 (for Jean Cousins); Jesse Karlsberg 432; Carmel Wood 472; Ted Brown 546; Alice Metherall 28t; Michael Walker 225t.


Maria Wallace called the class to order leading 183. Leaders: Ruth Steggles 448t; Benny Ross 441; Helen Barber 31t; Hannah Land 47b; Cath Tyler 276; Chris Brown 277; Sharon Langridge 496; Phil Tyler 338; Alice Metherall 240; Ted Brown 111b; Carmel Wood 270; Judy Whiting 556; Michael Walker 213t; Helen Barber 551; Hannah Land 448b; Cath Tyler 499; Jesse Karlsberg 227.

Judy Whiting and Chris Brown led 323t as the closing song. Rev. Alice Nunn offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairmen—Chris Brown and Judy Whiting; Secretaries—Maria Wallace and Cherri Graebe