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Potomac River Singing Convention

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Falls Church, Virginia
and The Great Falls Grange, Great Falls, Virginia

April 6-7, 2019

Saturday, April 6

The 30th annual Potomac River Convention was called to order by Corinne Ducey and Matt Roberts leading 303. Kathy Manning offered the opening prayer.

In a business meeting, the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Corinne Ducey; Vice Chairman—Leyland delRe; Treasurer—Lucas Husted; Secretary—Matt Roberts; Chaplain—Kathy Manning.

Leaders: Ben Hartland 501; Kathy Manning 361; Nora Miller 135; Kelly Macklin 473; Brenda Dunlap 196; Alexa Silverman 29t; Sandra Cryder 150; Richard Green 163t; Rachel Hall 57; David Shulman 276; Les Updike 515; John delRe 129; Andrew Boyadjian 387; Lydia Lewallen 204.


The class was called back to order by Joel Miller leading 31b. Leaders: Molly Graham Hickman 142; Lamar Matthew 35; Susan Green 157; Sara Lott 172; Evan Duncan 47b; Rachel Stevens 124; Mary Wright 477; Shawn Fenton 183; Rosemary Greenaway 384; Jim Strube 236; Dann Pell 278t; Margaret Hughes 567; Leyland delRe 141; Lucas Husted 327.


The class was called back to order by Nora Miller leading 179. Leaders: Faith Sides 31t; Alan Cohen 268; Mary Langley 61; the Brady family 319; Joni Seidenstein 200; John Davis 40; Ulrike Brauners 442; Adrian Mariano 411; Mary Ann Daly 551; Jonathan Een Newton 410b; Clare Chapin 532; Tim Slattery 344; Jay Wu 282; Elizabeth Patton 192; Topher Lawton 454; Hollie Long 530. Kathy Manning offered the noon blessing.


The class was called back to order by Leon Pulsinelle leading 73t. Leaders: Pat Temple 33t; Bev Yeager 440; Erin Fulton 197; Ray Rechenberg 277; Nancy Mandel 548; Fred Wilkey 474; Leah Velleman 149; Gerald Clark 55; Ina Shea 266; Tim Gregg 92; Myles Louis Dakan 302; Liz Meitzler 215; Harry Scott 188; Leon Pulsinelle 564; Graham DeZarn 74t; Marty DeNys 547; Thomas Smith 95; Joel Miller 67.


The class was called back to order by Bev Yeager leading 47t. Leaders: Mary DeNys 128; Nils Niemeier 198; Rosemary Greenaway 171; Cherilyn Neilson 207; the mothers and babies (Leyland delRe, Liz Meitzler, Xanthi Carras, Theo, Daniela, and Ryan) 191; Erin Fulton 225b; Lydia Lewallen 418; Jesse Beller 146; Rachel Stevens 203; Sara Lott and Lucas Husted 216; Rachel Hall and Dann Pell 499; Mary Wright and Pat Temple 162; Leah Velleman 82t; Tim Gregg 423. Corinne Ducey led 426t as the closing song. Kathy Manning offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, April 7

The Sunday session was called to order by Corinne Ducey and Niamh Ducey leading 3b (ShH). Brian Christy offered the morning prayer. All song selections on Sunday were from The Shenandoah Harmony.

Leaders: Leyland delRe 5b (ShH); Matt Roberts 147 (ShH); Lucas Husted 125 (ShH); Margaret Hughes 260t (ShH); Adrian Mariano 326b (ShH); Molly Graham Hickman 221 (ShH); Jim Strube 254 (ShH); Clare Chapin 418t (ShH); Jesse Beller 104b (ShH); Mary Ann Daly 39 (ShH); Jonathan Een Newton 187 (ShH); Joni Seidenstein 285 (ShH); Jim Glaser 78 (ShH); Brenda Dunlap 426 (ShH); Graham DeZarn 13t (ShH).


The class was called back to order by Rachel Stevens leading 241t (ShH). Leaders: Abby Beavin 121 (ShH); Kyle Johnston 416 (ShH); Ina Shea 381 (ShH); John Morriberon and Jacob Morriberon 162 (ShH); Nancy Mandel 424t (ShH); Les Updike 124 (ShH); Rachel Hall 258 (ShH); Fred Wilkey 264b (ShH); Shawn Fenton 31 (ShH); Myles Louis Dakan 374b (ShH); Nora Miller 442 (ShH); Ray Rechenberg 260b (ShH); Mary DeNys 175 (ShH); Topher Lawton 422 (ShH).


The class was called back to order by Joel Miller leading 4b (ShH). Leaders: Alexa Silverman 193 (ShH); David Shulman 12b (ShH); Cherilyn Neilson 322 (ShH); Richard Green 364b (ShH); Anders Fahey 105 (ShH); Ulrike Brauners 206 (ShH); Ben Hartland 171 (ShH).

The memorial lesson was conducted by Lydia Lewallen and Gerald Clark. Lydia Lewallen led 85 (ShH) for the following sick and shut-ins: John Hughes, Claire Simon, Jerry Mason, Jonathon Smith, Brenda Rechenberg, Steve Hoyt, Kelsey Taylor, Chris Holley, Delores Kaiser, Peggy Fahey, and Molly Sweetser. Gerald Clark led 243 (ShH) to remember the following deceased: Brian Kinlan, Hunter Jones, Rob Soley, Zahara Hechsher, Bob Sauer, Jerry Delo, Msgr. Frank Mahler, Bishop Antons Justs, John Grenfell, Betty Shea, Elizabeth Rechenberg, Walter Howrey, David Kinder, Randolph Green, Molly Burns, Martin Kaiser, John Bohl, Marlene Van Kammen, Harper Silverman, Alfredo Bowman, Anna Byers, Dale Newton, Pat Duer, Samuel Morriberon, Paul Luther Wilson, Concetta Branson, Keith Land, Margo Weisbecker. Brian Christy offered a prayer to conclude the memorial lesson.

Leaders: Susan Green 114 (ShH); Kelly Macklin 294 (ShH); Erin Fulton 278 (ShH). Brian Christy led the noon prayer.


The class was called back to order by Brenda Dunlap and Topher Lawton leading 65t (ShH). Leaders: Tim Slattery 1t (ShH); Steven Sabol 103 (ShH); Julia Seidenstein 22b (ShH); Peter Pate 2 (ShH); Liz Meitzler 444t (ShH); John delRe 56 (ShH); Rachel Stevens 79 (ShH); Tim Gregg 420t (ShH); Leah Velleman 235 (ShH); PRC Chairs, past and present 15 (ShH); Kyle Johnston 197 (ShH); Cherilyn Neilson 145 (ShH); Shawn Fenton 191 (ShH); Myles Louis Dakan 363 (ShH); Ray Rechenberg 413 (ShH); Ina Shea 431 (ShH); Joel Miller 35 (ShH); Nancy Mandel 309 (ShH); Lydia Lewallen 96b (ShH); Lucas Husted 266 (ShH).


The class was called back to order by Myles Louis Dakan leading 34 (ShH). Leaders: Richard Green and Susan Green 338 (ShH); Abby Beavin and Graham Dezarn 102 (ShH); Jonathan Newton, Anders Fahey, Margaret Hughes, and Margaret Wasaff 113 (ShH); Gerald Clark 76t (ShH); Ben Hartland and Leyland delRe 98 (ShH); Rachel Stevens, Leah Velleman, and Alexa Silverman 373 (ShH); Rachel Hall 143 (ShH); Erin Fulton 36 (ShH); Jesse Beller 404t (ShH); David Shulman and Jim Glaser 132 (ShH); Matt Roberts and Ulrike Brauners 201 (ShH); Brenda Dunlap 410 (ShH). Corinne Ducey led 157 (ShH) as the closing song. Brian Christy offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Corinne Ducey; Vice Chairman—Leyland delRe; Secretary—Matt Roberts