Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Berkshire Foothills Singing

Old Meeting House, Granville, Massachusetts

Saturday, November 9, 2019

The Berkshire Foothills All-Day Singing was held on Saturday before the second Sunday in November.

The class was called to order by Micah John Walter leading 111t. Sally Langendorf offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Julia Seidenstein 47t; Joseph George Mendes 472; Ron Woodland 479; Lily Bell 276; John Holbrook 236; Sally Langendorf 176b; Jana Yeaton 117; George Sigut 72b; Rebecca Hawkins 155; Christopher Kain 471; Alison Forster 114; George Howe 312b; Yael Tarshish 131t; David Rosenberg 34b; Suzanne McFate 171; Bill Holt 270.


The class was called to order by Philippe Doyle-Gosselin, Esther Wade, and Rachel Farber leading 76b. Leaders: Nick Maione 68b; C.J. McFate 274t; Christine Andrews 500; L.H. Spencer 250; Liz Cantrell 318; Ernest Chamberlain 285t; Kerry Cullinan 27; Laura Timmerman 475; John Hughes 474; Jonathan Spencer 458; Quinn Ross 272; Joan Frankel 143; Ron Trial 193; Ethan McNerney 77t; Sue Peters 63.


The class was called to order by Nic Tuff leading 33b. Leaders: Tarik Wareh 72t; Jesse Flynn 34t; Crispin Youngberg 399t; Rachel Taylor 278t.

Tim Eriksen conducted the memorial lesson, and led 32b in remembrance of the following deceased: Charlene Wallace—Georgia; John Sheaf, Gerry Zobel, and Brother James—New York; Captain Michael Appert—Illinois; Joe Laforte—Connecticut; Richard Levine and Marlene Levine—New Jersey; John Brúnkālā—Ohio; Gary “Doc” Taylor—Utah; Kath Glatter, Laurie McLeod, and David Moone—Massachusetts; John Beasley—Alabama; Jean Pilibosian and Rev. David A. Kerr—Maine; Concetta Branson—Oregon; Suzanne Gosselin and Gordon Ekelund—Canada.

Julia Seidenstein led 154 in honor of the following sick and shut-ins: Jean Ayotte, Cecelia Boland, Ron Bornick, Margaret Bornick, Celina Butcher, Amy Frankel, Sister Barbara, Rob Knowles, Madeleine Grieve, Alex Felicitas, Jennifer Jones, Corrone Bryant, and Ruth Ann Bryant.

Leaders: William Schuller 410b; Gwen Gethner 312t; Barbara Swetman 313t; Jennie Brown 441; Charles Biada 116; Ian Ludders 113; Laura Hodges 99; Al McCready 153. Joanne Fuller offered the prayer before the noon meal.


The class was called to order by Jeremy Galvagni leading 138b. Leaders: Allison Steel 542; Elizabeth Stoddard 546; Ben Sachs-Hamilton 302; MB Gowins 564; Dan Coppock 304; Evelyn Lamb 491; Stina Soderling 224; Jean Seiler 448t; Myles Louis Dakan 446; Deidra Montgomery 377; Philippe Doyle-Gosselin 402; Chris Holley 480; Elsa Phemayotin 426t; Chris Bracken 328; Richard Schmeidler 490; Janet Spongberg 105; Robert Stoddard 505; Emma Swartz 187; Mike Richards 556; Esther Wade 444; Tristan Gordon 51; Joanne Fuller 460.


The class was called to order by Crispin Youngberg leading 47b. Leaders: Will Harron 95; Jean Rosenberg 466; Jesse Vear 220; Nic Tuff 385t; Allen Livermore 428; Linda Shea 371; Gerald Clark 55; Wendy Sibbison 316; Rachel Reed 288; Becky Wright 74b.

Announcements were made. The officers led 62 as the closing song. John Holbrook offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Micah John Walter; Vice Chairman—Julia Seidenstein; Secretary—Joseph George Mendes