Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Pacific Northwest Convention-Oregon

Portland, Oregon

October 18-19, 1997

Saturday, October 18

The sixth annual session of the Pacific Northwest Convention-Oregon was held at the Sellwood Community Center on the third Sunday of October and the Saturday before. Chairman Marie Brandis opened the session and introduced Richard DeLong.

The meeting was turned over to Mr. DeLong as he conducted a singing school from 9:45 a.m. to noon. Four young visitors from Massachusetts: Laura Risk, Peter Irvine, Tim Eriksen, and Cath Oss, experienced Sacred Harp singers, each led a song before continuing on their journey to Ashland, Oregon.


The afternoon session was called to order by Marie Brandis leading song on page 82 (t? b?).

The following appointments were made: Finance Committee—Katharine Hough and Mark Anderson; Resolutions—Reed Schibach; Memorial Committee—Karen Willard and Marcia Cutler.

Leaders: David Hough 384; Kate Moore 551; Karen Willard 148; John Kellermann 56b; Katharine Hough 196; Jack Lofton 276; Jean Murphy 47b; John Carson 324; Hugh McGuire 332; Kathy Black 361; Gary Plouff 106; Bruce Rowland 532; James Brock 31t; Anne Huckins 142; Reed Schilbach 312b; Jinx McGuire 28b; Jim Van Horn 178.


The class was called to order by Marie Brandis leading song on page 303. Leaders: Darlene Simpson-Brown 494; Shannon McGuire 117; Kurt Liebezeit 155; Craig Brandis 49b; Suzanne Denker 504; Hugh McGuire 57; Susan Helf 163b; Jack Lofton 362; Karen Willard 171; David Jensen 179; Richard DeLong 387.


Marie Brandis brought the class back with song on page 480. Leaders: Katharine Hough 378b; Jean Murphy 385b; John Carson 143; David Hough 68 (t? b?).

After announcements, the class was dismissed with prayer by David Zawarski.

Sunday, October 19

The convention was brought back into session by Marie Brandis leading songs on pages 34b and 59. The morning prayer was led by David Zawarski.

Richard DeLong led an Introductory Lesson: 39b, 39t, 41, 439, 458, 375, 318, and 542.

Leaders: Susan Helf 47t, 66; Kate Moore 186, 481; Hugh McGuire 123 (t? b?), 119; Katharine Hough 376, 183; Peggy Bruton 38b; Suzanne Denker 147t; Craig Brandis 58, 141; Ken Cofield 268, 29t; Jack Lofton 48t, 380; Jean Murphy 267; John Carson 146, 63; Kathy Vlach 122, 198; David Hough 440, 475.

The memorial lesson was given by Karen Willard and Marcia Cutler. They began by reading the list of sick and shut-in: Agnes Soderberg, Dario Landazuri, Shelbie Kane, Susan Wantland, Myrtle Ann Beasley Ballard, Mary Hurlburt, Tom Ross, Betty Chamberlain, Mary Joe Ross, Janet Partlow, Duane Cavanaugh, and Inez McGuire. Karen Willard led songs on pages 340 and 83t for the sick.

Karen Willard gave remarks regarding those who have passed away since our last convention. Those remembered were: Brenda Allen-Thompson, Dennis Gorgas, and Bruce Marshall—Washington; Audrey Kocarnik and Carol Buehl—Oregon; Jane Stickney Nidorf—California; Barry Sullivan—Colorado; Audrey Stedham—Iowa; Casyle Wiggins—Texas; Haley Armstrong and Barrett Ashley—Alabama; Silas Lee and Eva Reeves—Georgia. Karen Willard led songs on pages 65, 300, 330 (t? b?), and closed the memorial with prayer.

Jack Lofton led song on page 532.


The singing resumed with Marie Brandis leading songs on pages 569 (t? b?) and 515. Leaders: Bruce Rowland 99, 112; Gary Plouff 114, 128; James Brock 84, 344; Anne Huckins 474, 86.

Reports from committees were given.

Resolutions: Thanks to all who worked so hard to organize and host a great convention.

Announcements were taken from the class regarding future singings.

Finance Committee: The Finance Committee reported expenses of the convention had been met as well as a healthy donation to the travel fund.

Leaders: Reed Schilbach 61, 410t; Jinx McGuire 497, 209; Darlene Simpson-Brown 313b, 73b; Shannon McGuire 163t; Will Marcot 294; Mark Johnson 503, 87; Kurt Liebezeit 189; Richard DeLong 278b, 69t; John Kellermann 85, 383.


Marie Brandis reconvened with songs on pages 480 and 568. Leaders: Karen Willard 53, 547; David Hough 73 (t? b?), 201b; Kathy Vlach 358; Katharine Hough 269, 77t; Jack Lofton 454, 49 (t? b?). Marie Brandis led song on page 62 for the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer by David Zawarski.

Chairman—Marie Brandis; Honorary Co-Chairman—David Hough; Vice Chair—Kate Moore.