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Memorial Singing and Meeting for Worship
for Oliver Kindig-Stokes

Exeter Friends Meeting, Douglassville, Pennsylvania

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Singers gathered in the Exeter Friends Meeting House on the day after the Exeter All-Day Singing to sing and remember their family member and friend, Oliver Kindig-Stokes.

The class was called to order by Ted Stokes, who welcomed everyone and led 32t. Tollie Lee rose, and before offering the opening prayer, spoke of his nephew, who also died too soon, and shared memories of Oliver: his unique gifts, his devotion to shape-note music, and his importance to the singing community.

Ted told the singers that he had felt some of the relief from the pain that Tollie had spoken of, and thanked them for their cards, their words, and their songs.

Leaders: Elizabeth Pilar 503; Thomas Ward 354t; Joel Bassett 565; Erin Kelly 70t; Harry Scott 260; Theresa Rodriguez 45t; Jesse Krikorian 274t; Molly V. Sauder 155; Doron Henkin 434; Kevin Sims 48t; Ruth Wampler 209; Dann Pell 448b.


Singing resumed with Tom Stokes, who led 28b. Leaders: Joanne Fuller 72b; Tollie Lee and Sasha Hsuczyk 33b, 354b; Lori Cabirac, Elizabeth Pilar, and members of the Exeter Friends Meeting 49t.

Stan Dalton, member of Exeter Meeting, opened a meeting for worship in the manner of Friends: the class observed silence, with individuals at times rising from their seats to share a prayer, memory, or a personal reflection of Oliver. Paul Kerr, Clerk of Exeter Meeting, closed the meeting for worship.


Singing resumed with Anna Mays and Ted Stokes, who led 89. Angharad Davis, saying that Ian Quinn was leading with her from the Holy Land, led 227. Leaders: Dan Coppock 208; Chris Cotter 131b; Claire Simon 178; Allison Steel, Blake Steel, and Calum Steel 105; Ben Sachs-Hamilton 30t; Linda Shea 400; Jon Giles 408; Liora O’Donnell Goldensher 426t; Patrick Friesen 171; Nancy Mandel 74t; Mike Richards 61; Carol Huang 187; Myles Louis Dakan 74b; Philippa Stoddard 410b; Laura Hodges 418; Dean Jens 510; Gabriel Kastelle 33t; Micah John Walter 522; Pattie Wareh 99; Charles Biada 480; Christine Andrews 500. Tollie Lee offered a prayer before the noon meal.


Dan Hunter called the class back to order by leading 134. Leaders: Rachel Speer 292; Chris Holley and Kathe Pilibosian 112; Becky Wright 536; Robert Stoddard 57; Lauren Bock 432; Thom Fahrbach 212; Emma Rose Brown 275b; Tarik Wareh 64; Elizabeth Stoddard 454; Jonathon Smith 213t; Kevin Beirne 176b; Aldo Ceresa 216; Alvaro Witt Duarte 542; Liz Cantrell 475; Jesse P. Karlsberg 392; Jesse C. Polhemus 220; Tim Eriksen 317; Nathan Berry 406; Nathan Rees 462; Chris Coughlin 445; Sasha Hsuczyk 313t.


Singing resumed with Elizabeth Pilar, Ted Stokes, and Tom Stokes, who led 106. Leaders: Bethany Towne 498; Alex Forsyth 181; Sam Kleinman 202; Magdalena Eriksen 186; Leah Velleman 196; Andre Kuney 448t; Julie Botnick 103; Leon Pulsinelle 332; Gwen Gethner 201; G.C. Waldrep 269; Guy Bankes 444; Suzan Greenberg 505; Hal Kunkel 380; Aaron Weiss 328; Anna Mays and Cindy Wasson 153; Ina Shea 167; Rachel Hall 421. The Arranging Committee invited representatives of the Sacred Harp Publishing Company to lead a song together, and Aldo Ceresa, Jesse P. Karlsberg, and Nathan Rees led 285b; the Arranging Committee invited babies and their parents to lead a song, and Dan Hunter, Yona Hunter, Kaysha McKim, Margaret Weiss, Elizabeth Pilar, Charles Pilar, Allison Steel, Blake Steel, and Calum Steel led 77t; Alex Forsyth, Sasha Hsuczyk, and Tom Stokes led 381.

Ted Stokes thanked all present for joining together to sing, and he thanked the officers and volunteers for their efforts. Announcements were made.

Tom Stokes, Elizabeth Pilar, Ted Stokes, and Jesse C. Polhemus led 62 as the closing song, and the class took the parting hand. Tollie Lee offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairpersons—Tom Stokes, Elizabeth Pilar, and Ted Stokes; Secretary—Jesse C. Polhemus