Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Union University Singing

Jackson, Tennessee

Saturday, February 12, 2000

Dr. Andrew Roby, Chairman of the Union University Music Department, opened the first annual Sacred Harp singing with prayer. Because it was the first such meeting at Union, and possibly in west Tennessee (in recent years), Dr. Michael Penny gave an introduction and a short demonstration of Sacred Harp singing technique. Also attending was Tim Reynolds of Nashville and Dr. Warren Steel of Ole Miss, both of whom gave helpful leadership.

Leaders: Dr. Michael Penny 45t; Tim Reynolds 49t; Tim Reynolds, Don Richards, and Diane Gatwood 159; Warren Steel, Lewis Frost, John Detwiler, and Marjorie Richard 47 (t? b?), 36b, 74b; Lewis Frost 49b, 59; Kathy Hull 354b (Dr. Joseph Blass of the music faculty pointed out that this song, “Happy Land”, was quoted in the musical, “The King And I”), 59; Warren Steel 111t; Jonie Cairns 63, 317b; Aaron Campbell 145b, 128; Michael Penny 130; Georgia Wellborn and Tim Reynolds 85, 313b; Robert Johnson and Lewis Frost 147t, 146; Angela Garrow and Lewis Frost 73b; Warren Steel 179; Ronnie Douglas 312b, 313t; Kathy Hull 143; Lewis Frost 147b, 148; Don Richard 117, 200; Lewis Frost 569 (t? b?); Lewis Frost and Jason Varnick 569b.


Dr. Warren Steel and Shana Cox brought the afternoon session to order leading song on page 424. Leaders: Paul Tipton 112, 255b (?); Lewis Frost and Pam Dennis 107, 106; Lewis Frost, Pam Dennis, and Polly Hatch 84; Michael Penny 81t; Mark Bingham 142; Warren Steel 285t; Aaron Campbell and Lewis Frost 141; Lewis Frost 515b; Kathy Hull 277; Michael Penny 127; Paul Tipton 242; Don Richard 268,

Lewis Frost led song on page 437 as the closing song, and the class was dismissed with prayer led by Dr. Joseph Blass, Union University music faculty member.

Chairman—Michael Penny; Secretary—Angela Garrow.