Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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All-California Sacred Harp Singing Convention

Synergy School, San Francisco, California

January 16, 2000

The twelfth annual All-California Sacred Harp Singing Convention met at Synergy School in San Francisco, California. The singing was opened by Mary Rose O’Leary leading 510. Jim Friedrich then led the morning prayer. Carolyn Deacy welcomed everyone and called the singing to order by leading 59.

Leaders: Chris Thorman 31t; Bob Brylawski 163t; Barbara Saxton 209; Carla Smith 399b.

The class organized with the following officers elected and appointed: Chairman: Carolyn Deacy; Vice-Chairman: Janice Hecksel; Treasurers: Richard Rands, Chris Thorman, and Karen Willard; Secretary: Pat Boyd; Arranging Committee: Diane Doe and Carla Smith; Chaplain: Jim Friedrich; Memorial Committee: Mary Rose O’Leary and Janet Rands; Resolutions: Stephen O’Leary and Katy Hicks.

Leaders: Iona Singleton 122; Rachel Maureen Brylawski 107; Hugh McGuire 402; Karen Schaffer 178; Shelly Phillips 335; Pat Boyd 48b; Karen Willard 316; Duncan MacLeod 146; Jerry Schreiber 528; John Merritt 240.


Janice Hecksel called the class to order by leading the song on page 276. Leaders: Norma Ruptier 497; Seth Holloway 388; Matt Wells 49b; Greg Freemon 444; Karen Willard 40; Gary Smith 569b; Paul Ralston 236; DJ Hatfield 212; Robert Katz 147t; Jim Friedrich 344; Karen Stingle 273; Tom Ostwald 268; Pat Teverbaugh 73b.


The singing resumed with Janet Herman leading song 47t. Leaders: Alice Sharp 180; Sandy Klein 34b; Tony Park 299; Lois Hurt 551b; John Schaffer 556b; Tom Ayres 260.

Mary Rose O’Leary gave a memorial lesson for those who passed away in the last year and led song 77t for the deceased. Richard DeLong spoke about his grandmother who had sung Sacred Harp all her life, and he led the song on page 56 (t? b?). Those remembered were: Ralph Heath from Alabama; Martha Fitzgerald, Fr. Vincent Martin, Betty White, Ruby Lowe, Wilma Hastings, Dick Croft, Isabel Hanson, Helen Quick, Stanley Grams, Don Jolly, John Campbell, Gayla Stafford, Mei Chang, Perrie Bentson, Martha Davis, Lorrie DeLoach, Cladys Ritch, David Ackles, Joe Belzer, Mr. Young, all from California; Dollie Hudgins from Georgia; Marguerite Ogren Anderson, Elaine Berman from Illinois; Frances Friedrich from Minnesota; Durward Scarborough from Mississippi; Carleen Moreno from New York; Frank Soifer from Oregon; Ed Craig from Texas; Craig Landvatter, Andrea Gentry from Utah. Janet Rands spoke movingly about those who are sick or shut in and about the caregivers of the sick and shut in, and led the song on page 164 for the sick and shut in. The names of the sick and shut-in are: Dario Landazuri, Baba Herrick, Susan Turpin, Beth Webb, Deborah Thompson, Polly Thomas, Ron Wolf, Lydia Powell, Farrington Daniels, Lissa Callirhoe, Debora Johnson, Cecilia Kruger, Ruth Kuschmierz, Anitra Gendreau, Marion Black, and Arnold Zwicky.

Leaders: Midge Harder 296; Mark Miller 480.


Janice Hecksel called the class to order by leading the song on page 128. Leaders: Kiri Miller 442; Brenda Merritt 47b; Rick Russell 196; Jeannette Ralston 408; Richard DeLong 448t; Laura Boyd Russell 428; Jack Lofton 504; Betty Herman 455; Jerilyn Schumacher 145t; Janet Herman 217; Janice Hecksel 481; Tom Payne 73 (t? b?); Paul Prochaska 117; Jinx McGuire 148; Stephen O’Leary 567.


The singing resumed with Mary Rose O’Leary and Carolyn Deacy leading the song on page 155. Leaders: Leah Wilde 38b; Phillip Garrison 58; Dan Curtis 56b; Michael Armstrong 503b; Sid Hildum 85; Greg Carroll 86; Richard DeLong 542; Sarah Beasley Smith 129; Winston Stephens 28b; Vicki Solomon 155; Shannon McGuire 313b; Eric Schutter 269; Kathleen Eschen-Pipes 254; Mary Rose O’Leary 318; Carolyn Deacy 501.

At this point in time, announcements were made. The treasury committee announced that expenses had been met. The chairman thanked all who participated in the planning of the singing and the lunch, and made a special thank you to Richard DeLong, who led the singing school on the Saturday before the convention. The location for next year’s thirteenth annual California All-California Sacred Harp Singing Convention will be San Diego.

The class took the parting hand during the closing song on page 62, led by Carolyn Deacy. The class was dismissed with a prayer led by Jim Friedrich.

Chairman—Carolyn Deacy; Vice Chairman—Janice Hecksel; Secretary—Pat Boyd.