Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Jones Chapel Senior Citizens Center

Cullman, Alabama

July 5, 1995

The annual July Memorial Singing was held on the first Wednesday of July. The class was called to order with Henry Guthery leading song on page 59. Prayer was led by Hershell King. Then the chairman led song on page 100. Leaders called were: Cecil Sanders 30t, 112; I. V. Cockrell 63, 49b; Aubrey Tyree 329, 320; Paul Gilliland 317, 30b; Hershell King 551, 235b; Keterina Sanders 89, 389.


Henry Guthery brought the class back together leading song on page 409. Leaders: Essie Calvert 480, 32b; Reedie Evans 298, 299; Flarce Creel 99, 166b; B. B. Mattox 277, 421; Travis Keeton 388, 382; Cecil Gilliland 282, 274b; Vernice Calvert 183, 478; A. C. McGough 410 (t? b?), 457; Lora Cargo 460, 455; Edith Tate 37b, 75.


The chairman reassembled the class singing song on page 91. Leaders: Marie Guthrie 380, “The Great Roll Call”; Ester Brown 79. Eron White was in charge of the memorial. Those who have passed away since last year were: L. C. Crider, Ted Godsey, Aubrey Persall, Ervin Brothers, Leon Price, Bertha Henson, Trixie Vandiver, Clyde White, David Ingle, Elder Harley Hocutt, Jack Harcrow, and Henry “Dock” Jackson. By request, Charley McCoy led song on page 426 (t? b?) in memory of Hershell White and 240 in memory of the singers that had recently passed on. Donald Robinson led song on page 58, by request, for Luther Parker. Martha Woodard led 285t in memory of Bertha Henson and Trixie Vandiver. Billy Williams led 28b in memory of Douglas Howard and the other deceased. Ester Brown led song on page 340 for the sick and shut-ins: Aver Crider, Alvin Parker, Agnes Hocutt, Mamie Creel, and Everett McCormick. B. B. Mattox closed the memorial with prayer. Henry Guthery led song on page 45t, “Amazing Grace”, and the class was dismissed for lunch.


The chairman reassembled the class leading song on page 163b. Leaders: Corene White 146, 403, in memory of her late husband, Vernie White; Charley McCoy 362, 216, 217; Elvin Guthrie 477, 479; Stella Pratt 147 (t? b?), 335; Eron White 168, 300; Martha Woodard 204; Donald Robinson 222; Marie Guthrie 220, “That Beautiful Land”; Cecil Sanders (by request) 123 (t? b?); Cassie Franklin led song on page 378b for her Grandfather. Announcements were made, and Henry Guthery closed the singing leading song on page 414. Aubrey Tyree dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Henry Guthery; Secretary—Eron White.