Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Dallas County Sacred Harp Convention

First Primitive Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas

November 13, 1999

The annual Dallas County Sacred Harp Singing Convention was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Beverly Coates leading songs on pages 34b and 56t. Owen Ross offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Owen Ross 454; Marcelene Hardy 112; Monnie Ross 49t; Edith Owen 480; Michael Moseley 318; Nancy Powell 47t; Robert Handal 440; Zach Rogan 280; Myra Palmer 273; Jeb Owen 328; Ernestine Pipkin 218; Curtis Owen 66; Liz Rogan 216; Reed Coates 504; Robert Vaughn 491; Cheryl Foreman 350; H.P. O’Mary 341; Myrl Jones 302.


Bruce Coates brought the class together leading song on page 63. Leaders: Donald Ross 481; Catherine Rogan 127; Dr. William Reynolds 128; Ellen Strayhorn 36b; Leon Ballinger 405; Cissy Moseley 532; Tom Owen 528; Sarah Coates 183; Avon Miller 550; Diane Ross 503; Scott Curran 142; Mary Bachmann “Glory Land” (own composition); Michele Rogan 455; Elder Clifford Gowens 35. The blessing on the food was offered by Elder Clifford Gowens.


The afternoon session was called to order by Bruce Coates. Leaders: Kay Pruitt 58; Vivian Rogan 163b; Esther Huckaby 270; Beverly Coates 524; Owen Ross 220; Marcelene Hardy 172; Monnie Ross 286; Edith Owen 441; Michael Moseley 76b; Nancy Powell 85; Robert Handal 153; Zach Rogan 186; Myra Palmer 208; Jeb Owen 548; Ernestine Pipkin 276; Curtis Owen 490; Liz Rogan 178; Reed Coates 212; Robert Vaughn 347.

A Memorial Lesson was held with Bruce Coates reading the list of names of those singers and friends who had died in the past year, and Tom Owen led song on page 499b. Those remembered: Ollie Reed, Leedell Pepper, Joe Nelson, and Richard Daniels.

Bruce Coates read the names of the sick and shut-ins, and led song on page 39b to honor singers and friends: Mildred Edmonds, Nora Fowler, Lawson Smith, and Junior Smith. The Memorial was closed.

Announcements were made of upcoming singings.

Leaders: Cheryl Foreman 515; H.P. O’Mary 335; Myrl Jones 189; Donald Ross 152; Catherine Rogan 551; Catherine Rogan 551; Ellen Strayhorn 48t; Cissy Moseley 566; Tom Owen 498; Sarah Coates 442; Avon Miller 453; Diane Ross 497; Scott Curran 171; Mary Bachmann 489; Michele Rogan 198; Kelly Beard 134, 475; Katie Moseley 222.

Bruce Coates led song on page 549b as the closing song. Donald Ross dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Bruce Coates; Arranging Committee—Vivian Rogan and Reed Coates; Secretary—Beverly Coates.