Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Dutton, Green, and Jackson Memorial

South of Nauvoo, Alabama

July 2, 1995

The Sacred Harp Memorial Singing for the Duttons, Greens, and Henry Jackson was called to order by L. H. Gilmore leading song on page 36b. The morning prayer was led by Ronald Gilmore. The class was organized for the day by electing the following officers: Chairman—L. H. Gilmore; Vice Chairman—A. C. McGough; Secretary—Josie Hyde; Arranging Committee—Travis Keeton and John Hyde. L. H. Gilmore led song on page 34t, and leaders followed: Ila Ingle 63, 145t; Margaret Keeton 144, 59; Pernie Pelfrey 399b, 145b; Ann Jett 43, 37b; Edith Tate 37t, 73t; Hugh B. McGuire 36t, 39t; Flarce Creel 460, 475; Arnold Moore 290, 314; Tom Harper 300, 384, and 340 for O. P. Sutton who was unable to attend; Dovie Jackson 380, 418, 457.


A. C. McGough called the class back to order with songs on pages 382 and 454. Leaders called were: Hubert Hood 434, 569b; John Vanhorn 535, 318; Cecil Sanders 441, 436; L. H. and Estelle Gilmore 341, in memory of Lavada Gilmore, and 319 in memory of Henry Jackson; Bradley Allen 546, 385b; Estelle Napier 217, and 490 for her sister, Martha. At this time a memorial session was held. Travis Keeton sang in memory of the Greens, Duttons, and Henry Jackson: 283, 205, 392, and 82t. After the memorial, the class was dismissed for lunch.


The afternoon session of this Memorial Singing was called to order by L. H. Gilmore leading song on page 101t. Leaders followed: John Hyde 30t, 61; Clearcy Rutledge 42; Keterina Sanders 89, 389; Ronald Gilmore 390, in memory of his Granddad and Henry Jackson, 45t; Alene Woodley 35, 77t; L. E. Hannah 83t, 182; Huey Jones 498; Harrison Creel 111b, 512; Mae Conwill 192; Josie Hyde 85, 421; John Beal 176b, 189; Gene Wakefield 56t, 57; Mary Jones 394, 196.


The class was called to order by John Hyde leading song on page 275b. Leaders called were: Beatrice Brewer 298, 373; Eloise Clark 31t, 276; Elmer Conwill 183, 142; Myrtis Graham 154, 331; Amanda Denson 278b, 324; Lena Keeton and Gwenn 235, 294, 480; Johnny Humber 208, 288; Velton Chafin 34b; Kermit Adams 84; A. A. Malone 203. L. H. Gilmore, A. C. McGough, and Ronald Gilmore led song on page 62 for the closing song. Closing prayer was led by A. C. McGough.

Chairman—L. H. Gilmore; Vice Chairman—A. C. McGough; Secretary—Josie Hyde.