Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Harper Memorial Singing

Old Flatwoods Primitive Baptist Church, Nauvoo, Alabama

October 10, 1999

The annual Harper Memorial Sacred Harp singing was held at Old Flatwoods Primitive Baptist Church on the second Sunday in October. The class was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Glenn Keeton and Pamela Keeton leading songs on pages 32t and 30b. The morning prayer was offered by Arthur Gilmore.

Leaders: A.C. McGough 30t, 111b; Clarence McCool 111t, 101t; Mae Conwill 274t, 270; Gene Wakefield 102, 103; Annie Lou Price 45t, 454; Wilton Donaldson 566, 317; Amber Springfield 123t, 49b; Elmer Conwill 31t, 358; Ivalene Donaldson 288; John Hyde 129, 73t.


The class was brought to order by Pamela Keeton leading songs on pages 144 and 436. Leaders: Jimmie Gilmore 378t, 68b; Joshua Keeton 235 (for Estelle Gilmore who is in the hospital), 503; Margaret Keeton 327, 161; Dwight Ingle 345t, 345b; Gladys Bonds 74b, 499.

The memorial lesson was held. Jimmie Gilmore, Pamela Keeton, Elder Philip Gilmore, Ila Ingle, Dwight Ingle, and Josie Hyde led song on page 61 for Jimmie Gilmore’s father and mother, Elder Garnsey and Ethel McGough (who are in the nursing home), and for the other sick and shut-ins. Jimmie Gilmore, Elder Philip Gilmore, and Pam Keeton led song on page 30b for Paula Gilmore and Grace Gilmore who are at home sick, and for Elsie Beasley and Estelle Gilmore. Elder Philip Gilmore closed the memorial and offered prayer for lunch.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Glenn Keeton leading song on page 72b. Leaders: Josie Hyde 310; Philip Gilmore 75, 39t, 39b; Ashley Keeton 384, “Cleansing Fountain” (for and with her grandmother, Jimmie Gilmore); Arthur Gilmore 569 (t? b?), “Jesus Died For Me”; Edith Tate 35, 37b; Faye Donaldson 40, 146; Billy Williams 297, 299; Willodean Barton 460, 475; Lena Keeton 112, 88t; Bernice Phillips 168, 300; Ila Ingle 434, 330 (t? b?); Travis Keeton 400, 490, 203; Mary Alice Crisco 133; Glenn Keeton and Dwight Ingle 294 (for Agnes McGough, by request); Glenn Keeton “Not Made With Hands”; Glenn Keeton and Philip Gilmore 566.

Jimmie Gilmore led song on page 348 (t? b?) for the deceased Harper family and others: Lavada Gilmore (sister of Jimmie Gilmore), Joe Harper, Martha Harper, Grady Harper, Robert Harper, Wallace Harper, Tom Harper, Annie Harper, Rewoan Harper, Mack Harper, Bud Ingle, and Maude Keeton.

Pam Keeton and Glenn Keeton led song on page 62 as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer led by Joshua Keeton.

Co-Chairpersons—Glenn Keeton and Pamela Keeton; Secretary—Ashley Keeton; Arranging Committee—Josh Keeton; Memorial Committee—Jimmie Gilmore; Chaplain—Elder Philip Gilmore.