Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Special Southern Bus Singing

Grace Episcopal Church, Oak Park, Illinois

September 22, 1999

A special evening singing was held from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. to welcome a tour bus full of singers from the South on their way to the Minnesota Convention. After a potluck dinner, Chairman Mark Miller called the class to order with song on page 276. The opening prayer was offered by Louis Hughes.

Leaders: Jerry Enright 197; Suzanne Flandreau 32t; Kiri Miller 454; Jim Helke 496; Jeff Sheppard 403; B.M. Smith 475; Ted Mercer 332; Judy Hauff 182; Pearl Guier 303b; Josephine Denney 503; Roy Nelson 127; Everett Denney 405; Louis Hughes 108t; Don Bowen 77b; Steve Warner with visitors Fred and Michael Kniss 107; Herb Schroeder 28b; Felton Denney 73t; B.J. Harris 225t; Seamus Enright 49b.

Chairman Mark Miller welcomed the Southern visitors and called a brief recess.


The class was called back by David Barford leading song on page 37b. Leaders: Nathan Barford 274t; Jim Swanson 300; Al Frank 163b; Daphene Causey 203; Lisa Grayson 112; Debbie Barford 313b; Evelyn Harris 155; Ted Johnson 224; Kate Lingley 117; Dean Slaton 368; Melanie Hauff 212; Kristin Richardson 217; John Seaton 63; Sue Kessell 361; Shelbie Sheppard and Ruth Brown 142.

Ruth Brown thanked the Chicago singers for their hospitality. Mark Miller acknowledged the help of John Seaton in obtaining the use of the church and led the closing song on page 347. The singing and fellowship was closed with prayer led by Louis Hughes.

Chairman—Mark Miller; Vice Chairman and Arranging—Jerry Enright; Secretary—Suzanne Flandreau.