Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Anniversary Singing

Irish American Heritage Center, Chicago, Illinois

January 8, 1995

The eleventh annual Anniversary Singing was called to order by Melanie Hauff leading song on page 313b. Sarah Joan Davie led the morning prayer. Melanie Hauff led song on page 85. Leaders: John Seaton 147 (t? b?); Kathleen Kuiper 300; Dan Havens 378b; Penny Thurman 128; Nick D’Alessio 354 (t? b?); Sarah Joan Davie 327; Steve Warner 127; Nancy Hejna 95; Duran Perkins 40; Val Dunagan 503; Gary Gronau 419; Richard Popp 65; Colette Gurtz 183; Julie Vea 192; Wendy Wahn 349; Daryl Mayberry 460; Herb Schroeder 110; Ernestine Pipkin 203; Sue Kessell 528; Beverly Enright 224. Doctoral student, Mark Johnson, was introduced. He is working on a monograph entitled “The Sacred Harp in the Urban North”, and he distributed a survey.


Melanie Hauff called the class together leading song on page 82 (t? b?). Leaders: Jerry Enright 383; Ann Huder 47t; Dave Ressler 436; Carol Crawford 28b; Samuel Sommers 475. The class went into a business session and elected the following officers: Chairman—John Seaton; Vice Chairman—Dean Slaton; Secretary—Darinka D’Alessio; Arranging Committee—Sarah Joan Davie and Daryl Mayberry; Memorial Committee—Kathleen Kuiper and Steve Warner; Chaplin—Herb Schroeder; Finance Committe—Sue Kessell and Lisa Grayson. James Nelson Gingrich led the song on page 454. Leaders: John Seaton 217; Becky Browne 362; Dean Slaton 280; Jan Katelle 304; John Bayer 410t. John Seaton introduced the Founders Lesson. Phil Trier led song on page 268; Ted Johnson and Marcia Johnson 142; Judy Hauff and Ted Mercer 171.


Dean Slaton called the afternoon session together leading song on page 212. Leaders: Connie Karduck 328; John Gurtz 102; Suzanne Flandreau 485; Kelly Beard 359; Jenny Willard 274t; Richard DeLong 434; Susan Jaster 266; Lisa Grayson 522; Keith Willard 411; Kathy Krug [312B//312b]; Debra Barford 149; Ted Mercer 278b; Jeanette Lowry 448t. Kathleen Kuiper delivered a lesson and led the song on page 86 to remember the sick and shut-ins: Mississippi—Cleo Hawkins; Tennessee—Kristin Lidge; Georgia—The Ellersten Family, Dolly and Junurs Hudgins, and Eva Reeves; Illinois—John Bayley, Kris Richardson, and Jerilyn Schumacher. Steve Warner delivered the memorial lesson and led song on 285t to remember the deceased: Alabama—Estelle Glenn and Runie Glover; Indiana—Marlin Miller; Illinois—Linda Martin, Stanley Tomandl, Peggy Dillard, Anne Tarsa, Marilyn Trier, and Helmuth Schumacher; Florida—T. H. Ross.


John Seaton reconvened the class leading song on page 421. Leaders: Al Frank 360; Wendy Lee 472; James Page led his own composition “Northern Court”; Marcia Johnson 542; Johanna Fabke 66; Mark Johnson 159; Kathleen Kuiper 458; Judy Hauff 536; Paul Streeter 535; Ted Johnson 372; Ann Werhane 87; Dick Dunagan 273; Dave Barford 350; Richard DeLong 202; Ernestine Pipkin 276.


Daryl Mayberry called the class together by leading song on page 155. Leaders: Samuel Sommers 24 (t? b?); Jenny Willard 137; Kelly Beard 480; Nancy Hejna 173; Jan Katelle 163t; Gary Gronau 456; Tom Terranova 504; Susan Jaster 474; Jack Chapman 411; Keith Willard 70b; Becky Browne 299. After announcements, John Seaton dismissed the class by leading song on page 62. The class was dismissed with prayer by Herb Schroeder.

Chairman—John Seaton; Vice Chairman—Dean Slayton; Secretary—Darinka D’Alessio.