Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Roy Avery Birthday Singing

Rocky Mount Primitive Baptist Church, Daviston, Alabama

February 14, 1999

The class wished Roy Avery a very happy 93rd birthday!

The next order of business was the election of officers with the following elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Elder Vernon Estes; Secretary—Jenny Gurley; Arranging Committee—Charlotte Bishop and Mary Jean Payne.

Roy Avery led song on page 155. Elder Ben Keeble offered the morning prayer. Leaders: C.V. Estes 164; Richard DeLong 176b, 418; Charlene Wallace 40, 81t; Marshall Avery 74b, 271t; Modie McNeal 451, “The Great Roll Call”; Jeannette DePoy 89, 203; Lonnie Rogers 101t, 225t; Annie Lee Price 217, 215.


Vernon Estes brought the class to order leading song on page 120. Leaders: Diane Avery 312b, 186 (for Elder Roy Avery); Karen Rollins 143, 34b; Bobby Jackson 32t, 282; Maxine Marlett 287, 438; Hugh McGraw 53, 290; Jenny Gurley 340, 480; Nell Estes 269, 192; Floy Wilder 224, 373. Preaching by Elder Roy Avery.


Vernon Estes brought the class to order leading songs on pages 145b and 166b. Leaders: Audress Gurley 36b, 108t; Jordan Whitehead 111t, 354b; Isabelle Green 100, 388; Myra Goss 170, 380 (in memory of her sister, Joan); Mary Jean Payne 99 (for her mother), 410t; Buell Cobb 75, 390; Paula Fagan 59, 535b; Carla Smith 358, 408; George Marlett 137, 112; Ben Keeble 490, 39b; Jack Nelson 147t, 38b; Thomas Futral 98, 288; Leonard Price 68b, 73t; Wayne Cotney 72b; Dollie Bush 30b, 212; Richard DeLong 569 (t? b?) (by request); Lonnie Rogers 560 (by request for Elder Roy Avery), 97 (by request); Elder Roy Avery 143; Charlotte Bishop 110 (in memory of Ila McGhee), 268.

Vernon Estes led song on page 122 as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer led by Lonnie Rogers.

The singing was organized in 1954. We would like to thank the class for $66.96 for minute money.

Note: Elder Roy Avery passed away on June 6, 1999.

Chairman—Vernon Estes; Secretary—Jenny Gurley.