Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Ebenezer Singing

Bluffton, Ohio

Saturday, October 31, 1998

The fifth annual Ebenezer Singing was held on Saturday before the first Sunday in November, and was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Kathryn Knecht leading song on page 49t. The Chaplain, Sam Sommers, led the morning prayer and song on page 47t.

Leaders: Charlotte Wolfe 72b; Joe Todd 270; Henry Schuman 32 (t? b?); Brad Oglesby 127; Jo Schultz 503; Charles Knecht 119; Maria Knecht 100; Beth Todd 280; Zander Knecht 410t; Kay Bieszczad 234; John Bayer 136; Charlotte Wolfe 31t; Joe Todd 378 (t? b?); Henry Schuman 145t; Michelle Biery 148; Kathryn Knecht 445; Sam Sommers 548; Michael Darby 312b.


Brad Oglesby called the class together leading song on page 37b. Leaders: Kay Bieszczad 126; Jo Schultz 99; Charles Knecht 30b; Maria Knecht 84; Beth Todd 112; Steve Postellon 40; Zander Knecht 44; John Bayer 71; Charlotte Wolfe 192; Joe Todd 378b; Henry Schuman 318; Michelle Biery 189; Kathryn Knecht 511; Sam Sommers 524; Michael Darby 39 (t? b?). The class sang song on page 146 for the ladies of Ebenezer Church in appreciation of their work in serving lunch.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Charles Knecht leading song on page 48t. Leaders: Regina Bayer 101t; Laura Russell 107; Brad Oglesby 369; Lorraine Bayer 569b; Jo Schultz 143; Beth Todd 501; Steven Postellon “Bosold” (composer, Ann Bosold); John Bayer 123b; Charlotte Wolfe 300; Kay Bieszczad 183; Joe Todd 383; Henry Schuman 532; Michelle Biery 63; Kathryn Knecht 480; Sam Sommers 24b; Charles Knecht 474; Beth Huener 200; Michael Darby 328; Regina Bayer 83t; Laura Russell 535t; Brad Oglesby 68b; Lorraine Bayer 69t; Jo Schultz 73b; Beth Todd 335; Steve Postellon 49b.


John Bayer called the class to order leading song on page 215. Leaders: Zander Knecht 88t; Beth Huener 547; Joe Todd 373; Kay Bieszczad 551; Henry Schuman 460; Maria Knecht 32t; Michelle Biery 47b.

The Memorial Lesson was presented by Beth Huener and Sam Sommers. After their comments and prayers, Sam Sommers led song on page 112.

Leaders: Kathryn Knecht 178; Beth Todd 419; Charles Knecht 74 (t? b?); Frank Swinehart 88b; Michael Darby 291; Regina Bayer 196; Laura Russell 86; Brad Oglesby 87; Joe Todd 143; Jo Schultz 347; Zander Knecht 371; Charlotte Wolfe 504; Henry Schuman 294; Michelle Biery 117; Sam Sommers 46; Kathryn Knecht 388. Kay Bieszczad led song on page 62 as the closing song.

Chairman—Kathryn Knecht; Vice Chairman—Jo McCormick; Secretary—Kay Bieszczad.