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DeLong Memorial

Ebenezer Primitive Baptist Church, Dunwoody, Georgia

June 28, 1998

The annual DeLong Memorial Sacred Harp Singing was opened with Richard DeLong leading song on page 60. The morning prayer was offered by Elder Jesse Roberts.

Richard DeLong led song on page 421. Leaders: Kenneth Delong 171, 365; Helen Bryson 361, 522; Tim Cook 86; Susan Roberts 146; Lee Rogers 528; Diane Walls 452; Liz Bryant 270; Julie Lee 82t.


The class was called to order by Kenneth DeLong leading song on page 282. Leaders: Don Bowen 283; Bryant Lee 49b; Jack Corley 300; Mary Elizabeth Lee 358; Reuben Ball 318; Frances Mary D’Andrea 47b; Kathy Lee 36b; John Redmon 143; Carlene Griffin 155; Andy Morse 280; Laura Ackerman 192.

The business session was conducted, and the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Richard DeLong; Vice Chairman—Kenneth DeLong; Secretary/Treasurer—Helen Bryson.


The class was called together by Helen Bryson leading song on page 332. Leaders: Hannah Roberts 481; Judy Mincey 538; Jeannette DePoy and Gwen Hughes 277; Matt DeLong 530; Jonathan Altman and Jessica Roberts 45t; Brady DeLong 317; Riley Lee 388; Tim Haley 117; Mike Castleberry 490; Ashley Roberts 220; Rachel Lee and Hannah Lee 28b, 276; Dollie Hudgins 343; Janice Paulk 518.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Richard DeLong. Richard spoke of 10% of the people make things happen; 10% know something happened; and 80 (t? b?)% never know anything happened. As things come and go, these singers saw to it that the legacy of Sacred Harp singing remained permanent. They did this in countless ways: by serving on committees, preparing and serving food, donating money, and traveling to singings to help keep this music alive. An example of one such person was Kimsey Cagle who served as chairman of this singing for over 40 years and who we are remembering today. It’s very difficult for new singers coming into a singing or convention to feel a part of this singing family where parents and grandparents have been a part of the singings for years. We must strive to help these singers feel welcome and a part of the Sacred Harp family. Richard read the names of the deceased for this year: Elder James Davis, Gertrude Bateman, Janet Rogers, Jerry Huckeba, Anne Block, Kimsey Cagle, Mae Seymour, Jerry Sheppard, Newman Miles, and Bob Hart. Richard DeLong and Matt DeLong led song on page 341 in memory of the deceased.

The sick and shut-ins remembered this year are: Jap Walton and Horace DeLong. Jesse Roberts led song on page 384 for these mentioned.


The class was brought to order by Richard DeLong leading song on page 296. Leaders: Catherine Oss 480; Jesse Roberts 532; Violet Thomason 189; Ted Mercer 302; Charlene Wallace 434; Clarke Lee 542; Shelbie Sheppard 419; Raymond Hamrick 91; Kelly House 456; Hugh McGraw 448b; Jessica Roberts 142; Jeff Colby 67; Faye Pettis 376; Laura Clawson 217; Jeff Sheppard and Estelle Flowers 292, 422; Rita Haley 268; Wesley Haley 198.


The class was brought to order by Richard DeLong leading song on page 111t. Leaders: David Lee 299; Bonnie Flowers 497; Louis Hughes, Sr. 448t; Laurie Allison 335; John Plunkett 547; Alice West 515; Vaudie Sherer 460 (for Horace DeLong); Janet Sheppard 114; Martha Ann Stegar 151; Doug Allison 53.

Announcements were made. There was a request for the song on page 516 “DeLong”, to be led. Richard DeLong and Matt DeLong led this song. Richard DeLong, Kenneth DeLong, and Helen Bryson led song on page 62 for the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer led by Elder Jesse Roberts.

Chairman—Richard DeLong; Vice Chairman—Kenneth DeLong; Secretary/Treasurer—Helen Bryson.