Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Eldridge Schoolhouse Singing

Lynd School, Orleans, Indiana

Saturday, December 10, 2022

The sixteenth annual Eldridge Schoolhouse Singing was called to order by Adrian Eldridge leading 32t and offering a blessing. Selections were generally from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition. Leaders: Jim Herr 35; Erin Fulton 33b; Tim Morton 47t; Joel Deckard 217; Clara Herr 105; Joy R. Dunn 361; Howard Carlberg 178; Jordan Johnson 135; Andrew Shaffer 324; Kathy Sweeton 481; Clara Herr 348b; Joel Deckard 64; Tim Morton 82t; Ben Finke 68b; Jim Herr 475; Howard Carlberg 515; Adrian Eldridge 426b; Joy Dunn 480; Kathy Sweeton 496.


Jim Herr called the class back to order by leading 76b. Leaders: Andrew Shaffer 390; Tim Morton 37b; Jordan Johnson 330b; Clara Herr 276; Joel Deckard 313b; Erin Fulton 487; Ben Finke 49b; Howard Carlberg 479; Joy R. Dunn 133; Jim Herr 131t; Janice Harrell 56b; Adrian Eldridge 56t; Andrew Shaffer 38b; Joel Deckard 499; Kathy Sweeton 455; Tim Morton 440; Erin Fulton 482 in honor of Tim Gregg; Howard Carlberg 40; Clara Herr 302; Ben Finke 122; Janice Harrell 63; Joy R. Dunn 66; Adrian Eldridge 277 (by request of Brenda Stone). Adrian Eldridge asked a blessing on the meal and the class adjourned to dinner.


Erin Fulton called the class back to order by leading 312b. Leaders: Adrian Eldridge and Erin Fulton 16 (SoH) in honor of Bill Hayes and Katherine Eldridge; Joel Deckard 441; Clara Herr 186; Ben Finke 81b; Joy R. Dunn 473; Andrew Shaffer 267; Janice Harrell 152; Jim Herr 546; Jordan Johnson 528; Erin Fulton 254 (by request of Kathy Sweeton), 83b; Tim Morton 425; Adrian Eldridge 209; Joel Deckard 61; Andrew Shaffer 288; Janice Harrell 192; Kathy Sweeton 117; Adrian Eldridge 428. Announcements were solicited. The secretary reported a class comprised of singers from Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and Ohio, of whom thirteen leaders called a total of sixty-five selections. Adrian Eldridge led 347 as the class took the parting hand, dismissing them with the prayer “I am rich in my friends.”

Chairman—Adrian Eldridge; Vice Chairman—Jim Herr; Secretary—Erin Fulton