Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Albright, Cates, Brown, and Sheppard Memorial

Holly Springs Primitive Baptist Church, South of Bremen, Georgia

Sunday, October 9, 2022

The annual Albright, Cates, Brown, and Sheppard Memorial Sacred Harp singing was held on the second Sunday in October at Holly Springs Primitive Baptist Church, south of Bremen, Georgia. This singing is usually held at the Muscadine Methodist Church in Muscadine, Alabama, however, several Methodist churches were dissolved in Cleburne County recently. Muscadine Methodist Church was one of the churches affected. Rene Sheppard Greene welcomed everyone to the singing. Rene thanked Judy Henry and Linda McWhorter (nieces of Charlene Wallace) for the use of Holly Springs Church. Judy stated that we were welcome to use the church anytime. Rene Sheppard Greene led 276 as the opening song, and then Oscar McGuire offered the morning prayer.

A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Rene Sheppard Greene; Vice Chairman—Pam Sheppard Nunn; Secretary—Donna Garner Bell. Reba Windom was asked to arrange. The business session was closed.

Leaders: Pam Nunn 186, 40; Reba Windom 36b, 32t; Judy Chambless 510, 528; Winfred Kerr 225t, 282; Glenda Collins 100, 101t; Tony Hammock 494, 112; Donna Bell 171 (in memory of Charlene Wallace), 464 (in memory of Ted Mercer and Jeff and Shelbie Sheppard); Robert Chambless 84 (in honor of Philip Denney), 303 (in memory of Jeff Sheppard); Bert Collins 300, 142.


Rene Greene brought the class to order leading 182. Leaders: Oscar McGuire 485, 34b; Laura Frey 47b, 46; Samuel Williams 556, 117; David Carlton 547, 376; Karen Rollins 340 (in memory of her aunt Opal), 227 (in memory of her aunt, Eris Muse); Diane Avery 312b, 438; Will Fitzgerald 313b, 86 (in memory of Bill Beverly, who taught him to sing Sacred Harp); Jeannette DePoy 72b (in honor of Cathy White), 99 (in memory of B.M. Smith); Nathan Rees 144, 124, 313t. Matt Hinton offered the blessing before the noon meal at the tables.


The afternoon session of singing began with Rene Greene leading 155 and 224. Leaders: Matt Hinton 273, 327; Tajin Rogers and Greg Wall 38b, 128; Barbara Brooks 410t, 72t; Amber Davis 129, 192; Eli Hinton 148, 299; Beth Hagues 28b, 25; Erica Hinton 111b, 440; Charlotte Bishop 143 (in memory of her sister, Shelia Shivers, who passed away one year ago last week); 229 (CB) (by request); Sheri Taylor 324, 29t; Will Fitzgerald 102; David Carlton 198; Oscar McGuire, Rene Greene, Pam Nunn, Tony Hammock, and Donna Bell 269.

Rene Greene told everyone how much she appreciated them coming to the singing. Following announcements, Rene and Pam led 146. Oscar McGuire offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Rene Sheppard Greene; Vice Chairman—Pam Sheppard Nunn; Secretary—Donna Garner Bell