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Buckland Wedding Singing

Goldener Saal At Atlantic Hotel, Bremen, Germany

Saturday, October 1, 2022

The Buckland Wedding All-Day Singing was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Inga and Derek Buckland leading 30t. Kerry Cullinan offered prayer and led 312b. Selections were generally from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition. Leaders: Ulla Schlohbohm 77b; Eva Striebeck 171; Nina Rieger 105; Paul Kolenbrander 37b; Elisabeth Schallwig 114; Chloë Spreadborough 217; Magdalena Osthaus 72t; Marcos Sullivan 122; Ciske Boekelo 300; Laura Eisen 111b; Gerben Vos 354t; Eloise Clark 532; Stacy Hackner 442; Tina Cramer 56b; Inga Buckland 97; Maria Neumann-Fraune 38t; Derek Buckland 29b; John O’Flynn 318; Hanka Faerber and Ursula Diderich 171.


Eva Striebeck called the class back to order leading 128. Leaders: Daniel Wippermann 68b; Lucy Day 65; Emma Rock 551; Lisa Bennett 216; John Bealle 200; Phillip Richards 178; Anne Eringa 28t.

Derek Buckland conducted the memorial lesson and read the names of the following recently deceased: Rüdiger Förster, Björn Czybik, Traute Laffert, Klaus Schallwig, and Eva-Marie Woronowicz—Germany; Larry Gordon, Tony Barrand, and Erica Schumann—Vermont; Peter Golden—Maine; Ted Mercer—Illinois; Elder J.L. Hopper—Alabama; Rebecca Over—UK; Graham DeZarn—Virginia; Concetta Di Nora and Nino Antonio—Italy. He also spoke for the following sick and housebound: Coronne Bryant, Ruth Ann Bryant, Jesse Vear, Joy Spreadborough, and Anna Eggers. Derek Buckland led 285t in their honor.

Leaders: Eva Striebeck 69t; Claudia Jansen 501; David Smead 438; John Price 47b; Stacy Hackner 77t; Joanna Buckland 457; Paul Kolenbrander 183; Inga Buckland 344; Hanka Faerber 191; Bärbel Kracke 189; Gerben Vos 42; Kerry Cullinan and Cäcilia Mann 236.


Emma Rock called the class back to order leading 274t. Leaders; Maria Neumann-Fraune 146; John Price 547; Constantin Dorsch 70b; Lisa Bennett 440; Phillip Richards 569b; Jasmina Graf 542; Derek Buckland 102; Laura Eisen 214; David Smead 170; Paul Kolenbrander 159; Chloë Spreadborough 382; John O’Flynn 99; Inga Buckland 302; Tina Cramer 224; Ciske Boekelo 209; Anne Eringa 180; Elisabeth Schallwig 228; John Bealle 376; Marcos Sullivan 448t; Lucy Day 290; Daniel Wippermann 332.


Lisa Bennet called the class back to order leading 32t. Leaders: Jasmina Graf 203; Franziska Opp 481; Claudia Jansen 472; Magdalena Osthaus 432; Emma Rock 430; Constantin Dorsch 26; Ursula Diderich and Hanka Faerber 377; Nina Rieger 510; Cäcilia Mann 334; Gerben Vos 331; Kerry Cullinan 70t; David Smead 112; John Bealle 436; Phillip Richards 283; Eloise Clark 313b; Anne Eringa 142; Daniel Wippermann 271t; Stacy Hackner 319; Lucy Daile 81t; Elisabeth Schallwig 278t; John O’Flynn 176b; Lisa Bennett 486; Ciske Boekelo 276; Hanka Faerber 107; Tina Cramer and Maria Neumann-Fraune 124.

Inga Buckland and Derek Buckland led 62 as the class took the parting hand. Chloë Spreadborough offered the closing prayer, and, having sung ninety selections, the class of fifty-three singers from Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, and the United States of America (California, Georgia, Vermont) were dismissed.

Chairman—Inga Buckland; Vice Chairman—Derek Buckland; Secretary—Eva Striebeck